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Enough of the old mantra that goes, 'live like there is no tomorrow'. Because there is a tomorrow, and it's one that we have to preserve and improve for the future generations. Enough of consumerism and wasting our environmental resources for our own gain/ And let's start living and driving for the future. As the Mini Cooper tagline goes 'Let's drive like there is a tomorrow/' More turns are possible while burning less fuel, and that's the type of driving that a great Mini can give you. Since the company's inception, British Motor Company has been manufacturing the compact and fuel-efficient Mini Cooper and its corresponding Mini Parts to address the world's ongoing fuel crisis.As you already know, the fuel problems didn't end with the 1956 fuel shortage, in fact it appears to have worsened in the recent years. This is the time for you to do your part in saving the environment by driving a vehicle that wastes less fuel while producing less pollution. Compact and dependable, the Mini also saves more than just the environment, it's also an excellent way to save space, giving you more area in your garage to use for storage purposes.Despite being rather 'low-maintenance' compared to other vehicles, the Mini still needs a little TLC from its owner. Regular auto maintenance and Mini Cooper Parts replacements should keep your compact ride revving without problems. In saving the environment, start small. Begin by keeping your Mini in mint condition by using the right Mini Parts for your car.