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Mirror Cover

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Unknown by most drivers, the side mirrors do a lot more than let you see what's behind and beside your car. The mirrors actually help you judge the distance between your car's front fenders and different obstacles on the road.It's the same for drivers coming towards you from the opposite direction. They unknowingly use your car's side mirrors to judge the distance your vehicle and theirs, to avoid collisions and accidents.A mirror cover greatly improves this uncanny ability of drivers because of its visual design. A chrome cover makes the side mirrors much more visible to other drivers, especially at night. Chrome reflects light very well, thus at night a mirror cover will easily shine under the glare of headlights.Besides the plus points in looks, it can also help improve your driving safety. If you're interested in the mirror cover's benefits, you can find yourself a pair here at Carparts.

• Adds to the visual appeal of your car

• Improves your car's visibility of your car during nighttime driving

• Perfectly fit stock side mirrors on almost all car models