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Tired of how other drivers seem to ignore your turn signals? Wish you could increase your driving visibility to avoid colliding with these stubborn drivers? Then we suggest hitting two birds with one stone with the turn signal mirror glass. It's more than just a side mirror and it's definitely more than just a turn signal light. This OE or add-on component is a hybrid of your regular mirrors and turn signals. As is implied by its name, this mirror is designed to let you see vehicles situated behind and beside your ride while giving ample warning to oncoming drivers each time you activate your turn signals. To get your message across loudly and clearly, this turn signal mirror glass comes with a flashing red chevron light that lights up to indicate that you're about to turn or shift lanes. That way, drivers situated beside your ride won't have the excuse that they didn't see your rear turn signals light up. And because these mirrors are available in heated designs, you can also prevent light snow from clouding up your view of the road behind you. With the numerous benefits offered by this turn signal mirror glass, you can boost your driving safety no matter how adverse your driving conditions get.

Mirror Glass Articles

  • A Simple Guide on How to Install Mirror Glass on Your Automobile

    Mirrors are often one of the most overlooked components of an automobile. They allow you to see what is behind your automobile, allowing you to determine whether or not it is safe to put your car in reverse or to change lanes. Unfortunately, the mirror glass may wear out to the point of uselessness, necessitating its replacement. The process is a simple and straightforward one and won't require a lot of time to complete.

    Required skill level: Novice

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Mirror glass
    2. Screwdriver
    3. Commercial cleaner
    4. Rag
    5. Adhesives

    Preparing the mirror glass housing

    Clean the mirror housing thoroughly with a rag and cleaner to remove any dust and debris. If you are replacing a mirror glass that has previously shattered, be sure to remove all the fragments while taking great care in doing so; glass fragments are sharp and may cause injury.

    Putting the adhesives

    Place a small amount adhesive in the middle of the mirror glass at the back. Depending on the size of your mirror, you may need two pea-sized or two grape-sized amounts of adhesives, probably even more. Just be sure to avoid putting a lot more than needed so that the extra adhesives won't spill out from the sides of the mirror when having it installed.

    Installing the mirror glass

    Carefully place the mirror glass into the frame; make sure that the glass and the frame are aligned. Continue to push the mirror slowly until you it stops moving or until you hear a snap. Push the sides of the mirror carefully to tuck the mirror into the frame and to make sure that it won't be moving inside the frame. Wait for the adhesives to dry completely. You can secure the mirror with tape or any other appropriate material to aid in the curing process. It will take about a day for the adhesive to completely dry.

    Testing the mirror

    Remove any material securing the mirror glass. Gently nudge the sides of the mirror to see if there is any movement. If the mirror glass moves, it could mean that it was either installed incorrectly or that the adhesives haven't dried out completely.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Mirror Glass

    No amount of driving experience will eliminate the need for you to frequently check your vehicle's mirrors. Even racecar drivers are trained to look at their side mirrors regularly to keep tabs on their opponents. The side and rearview mirrors are there for a reason: to quickly give you a view of the areas that surround. The added visibility allows you to easily assess your vehicle's position on the road, helping you avoid accidents. So make sure that all the mirrors in your vehicle are in top shape. Clean the mirror glass regularly to eliminate smudges and dirt. Clear, streak-free mirrors can contribute a lot to your safety on the road, especially during overtaking and parking. And if any of the mirror's surfaces become cracked, don't hesitate to secure replacements. Auto Parts Deal can help you replace cracked mirror glass. We've got aftermarket replacement for most auto mirror applications.

    • Offers an accurate reflection of areas around your vehicle

    • Installs easily

    • Designed to perfectly fit any vehicle make and model