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Mitsubishi 3000GT Parts and Mitsubishi 3000GT Accessories

A year after Mitsubishi entered the sports coupe category, the Mitsubishi came up with another version of sports car with the 3000GT and became the direct rival of the Toyota Supra and Nissan 300ZX. Released in 1991, the 3000GT came with a twin-cam, 24-valve 3.0-liter V6, rated at 222 horsepower and 205 lb. ft. of torque for their base and mid-range models while the VR-4 and a twin-turbo engine with dual intercoolers that made 300 horsepower 307 lb. ft or torque, 4-wheel steering, and permanent 4-wheel drive. The VR-4 came with 5-speed manual shift, or an electronic 4-speed automatic transmission. Standard features were driver-side airbag, four-wheel disc brakes, and antilock braking on the SL and VR-4 (optional on base coupe).
Few additions were made to the 3000GT after two years including three new paint colors, VR-4's standard leather upholstery, chrome-plated alloy wheels, and a CD changer.
In 1994 the engines got more power as VR-4's 300 hp twin-turbo engine with dual intercoolers was replaced by 320 hp engine by way of extra boost pressure. Consequently the torque was also took some notches higher from 307 to 315 pound feet. The 5 speed manual for VR-4 was replaced by a 6-speed manual. A 5-speed manual transmission became standard on both the base and SL with optional electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic for both trims.
There were very little noticeable changed on the 3000GT in the years to follow. The retractable-hardtop Spyder was one of the additions. As its rival, Dodge Stealths dropped out of the market in 1997, the 3000GT was all alone.
But during this time, preference on the types of vehicles had changed that caused the drop of sales of the Mitsubishi 3000GT. By 1999, Mitsubishi stopped its production of this sports car.

During the nine year life span of the 3000GT, it was a very unique Japanese sports car. The front wheel drive 3000GT had a very nice handling despite its heavy weight. A small interior can give you some difficulty of vehicle entry and exit. But despite its small interior, it had a very comfortable ride thanks to the 225/55VR-16 tires for the base and SL and a stiff low-profile 245/45ZR-17 tires for the VR-4. The rear seat was not perfectly designed for passengers but using it for cargo can give you space of up to 11.1 cubic inches. Overall, the Mitsubishi 3000GT was fast and fun to drive.