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Mitsubishi Diamante Parts and Mitsubishi Diamante Accessories

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is one of Japan's oldest automakers and is among the country's oldest companies that are still active today. So it's no surprise that they have been making some of the best Japanese cars that we see nowadays. One of their biggest hits was the Mitsubishi Diamante, a full-size vehicle that was sold and manufactured from 1990 up to 2005. The name is actually Spanish for diamond, and it shows that it is indeed a very luxurious vehicle that lives up to its name. The Diamante actually inspired other companies to form their own luxury cars or start subsidiary luxury brands like Lexus and Infiniti.

The first Mitsubishi Diamante was a Japanese exclusive. It was a four-door hardtop with no window sashes and was powered by a V6 engine. It was fitted with top-of-the-line electronics and accessories making it one of the best vehicles in the market at the time. It was so good, that it won the Japan Car of the Year award back in 1990. It would take 2-years before the Diamante was made available in the U.S. where it replaced the previous generation Mitsubishi Galant. Later on, it was also sold in other countries under different names like the Mitsubishi Verada and Mitsubishi Magna.

The North American version of the Mitsubishi Diamante was actually a mixture of the variants that were produced in Japan and Australia. It shared some of the original Japanese parts and accessories but only came in two trim levels. Standard Mitsubishi Diamante parts included central locking, driver's airbag, power windows and power mirrors while ABS, cruise control, and a sunroof were optional add-ons. Declining sales prompted Mitsubishi Motors to cease production of the Diamante in 2005 and it was then replaced a newer generation Mitsubishi Galant. Despite this, owners can still get aftermarket parts and accessories for the vehicle due to its popularity worldwide.

Mitsubishi Diamante Parts