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Mitsubishi Eclipse Dash Cover

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Mitsubishi Eclipse Dash Cover in Top Condition

Your Mitsubishi Eclipse dash cover is an important car accessory. It serves as the coat of your dashboard, which improves its quality and style. Aside from this, your dash cover also offers protection against dirt and UV rays. When your car is exposed outside for long hours, the heat can cause your dashboard to fade. Luckily, your dash cover prevents this from happening. Because of its essential function, your dash cover must always be well-maintained. It can also fade over time, so you must take immediate actions to take care of it. Here are some tips that can guide you:

  • Vacuum your dash cover and use sun shades for extra protection.

Because your dash cover is made from soft fiber, maintain it by using a vacuum cleaner. Warm water is also recommended for removing stains from your dash cover. This is proven better than chemical cleaners, which may damage the fabric material. Also, your dash cover can wear out after a long time. Although it has an anti-UV feature, your dash cover should not be exposed to heat. Thus, you must put additional sun shades on your windshields for better protection of the cover.

  • Reapply paint to improve the quality of your dash cover.

If you want to refurbish the look of your dash cover, you can apply an extra layer of paint on its surface. Your dash cover must be free from dirt before repainting it, so you can ensure that the paint will be smoothened out. Spray the coating lightly to avoid thick clumps from forming.

  • Clean your dashboard as well.

Aside from cleaning your dash cover, you must maintain your dashboard as well. Wipe the surface using a clean cloth and a mild cleaner. You can also use rubbing alcohol for cleaning. However, test it first in a small part of your dashboard to ensure that it will not react with the surface. Once you have finished cleaning, you must scrub it using sandpaper. This will enable the adhesive of your dash cover to be attached firmly.

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  • Three Tips for an Easier Installation of Your Mitsubishi Eclipse Dash Cover

    Your Mitsubishi Eclipse dash cover gives your dashboard additional protection and style at the same time. The cover functions by shielding your dashboard from the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, it prevents the surface of your dashboard from fading and developing cracks and tears. Thus, your dash cover can ensure you added protection to your dashboard while enhancing its look at the same time. If you have just bought a new one or if you want to replace your old cover, you must know the basic installation tips. Putting your Mitsubishi Eclipse dash cover into place is quite simple. Check out these tips to help you further:

    Tip #1: Your dash cover must be exactly fit for your dashboard.

    Make sure that your dash cover has the exact measurement to avoid loose installation. If you have an old dash cover, you can use it to compare the size of the new one. Draw marks for any possible adjustment for your dash cover, and make the alterations before securing it into place.

    Tip #2: Remove any dirt from your dashboard before installing your dash cover.

    Check if your dashboard is free from dirt before putting your dash cover. This is to ensure that the adhesive in your cover will be attached firmly. You can use a soft cloth for wiping the surface. In addition, you can use a sandpaper for smoothening out your dashboard after wiping it. Keep in mind that your dashboard also adds up to the quality of your vehicle's interior, so you must keep it clean at all times.

    Tip #3: Apply your dash cover in a well-lit area, and secure it firmly.

    It is recommended to install your dash cover during daytime and in a place where there is enough lighting. This is to ensure that all sides of your dash cover will fit into place. Once you have attached the cover, apply enough pressure on it to secure the adhesive firmly.