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Mitsubishi Eclipse Headlight

In life, making compromises is inevitable. And so it is on cars. Sporty coupes like the Mitsubishi Eclipse presents a stylish body and showcases an outstanding performance, but all these can be seen as compromises for their mediocre functionality and minimal interior space. These compromises, however, are things that general vehicle buyers are too willing to accept. But are there compromises that simply can't be made? Or if made, can't simply be accepted?

While compromises on almost all aspects of a vehicle's style, performance, functionality and spaciousness can readily be accepted, compromises on safety simply can't. And as for Mitsubishi, the Japanese auto manufacturing company simply won't. This is the reason why all Mitsubishi Eclipse models are equipped with high quality and innovative safety features like the 3-point safety seat belts, front air bags, side-impact air bags, ABS brakes and other vehicle safety system. Equally present in all Mitsubishi Eclipse year models are the traditional safety equipments, and that would include the Mitsubishi Eclipse headlights.

The headlights or headlamps are the pair of lights installed in front of a vehicle, with one headlight assembly mounted on each side of the vehicle. There are many types of headlights but all of them are designed to perform the same function, and that is to illuminate the road ahead during low visibility conditions, like when driving at night or during bad weather conditions. In the U.S., most automobile headlamps are of the sealed beam type, where the light bulb, lens array and reflectors are all built as a single, air tight unit, requiring you to replace the entire assembly in case of failure or damage. Most of these headlamps are also equipped with halogen bulbs.

Current Mitsubishi Eclipse models are equipped with auto-off halogen headlamps. These headlamps were designed to function at their best for the longest possible time. However, Mitsubishi Eclipse headlights are not invulnerable to damages and their bulbs would definitely get busted in time. Such events should not worry you though as there are a lot of online auto parts sources that offer replacement headlamps and headlight assemblies specific for your Mitsubishi Eclipse model.

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