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Mitsubishi Eclipse Splash Shield

With the bold expression that a Japanese automaker could produce the best sports car, Mitsubishi ever improve their existing Eclipse in to a new breed of sports vehicle capable to set a new trend its class. The Mitsubishi Eclipse, although has been in existence for more than a decade, promises to give the total sports car with their latest model. Jam packed with features and all-new body style, the Mitsubishi Eclipse is another milestone to the company that has struggled to maintain their stronghold on the US market.

Upon first look, the new Mitsubishi Eclipse has no similarity to the previous Eclipses. The evolution from a common 1990 sports car, has transformed into a more sophisticated and more powerful vehicle. The body lines are more defined including a more inclined windshield, better headlight, fog light and tail light position, and the all new grille design. The windows are sleeker projecting the impression that the vehicle is all glass. The overall exterior image of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse truly deserves the second look.

The interior gives a sportier feel with control panels properly arranged along with the transmission. Seats are comfortable and are adequately cushioned for long driving. Cargo space is larger than the earlier Eclipse with the rear seats that fold for extra space.

Engines are stronger than the previous year. The V6 engine has 55 more horsepower with 263 hp 3.8 L MIVEC. The Eclipse is very responsive and handles well in every driving condition.

With all the cool and new features the Mitsubishi Eclipse have, you surely want to keep it in perfect shape. Not just to the engine, but to every inch of the entire body from the interior out to the exterior. To keep it clean and rust free you are also imposed to provide it with the fender liner designed to maintain the chassis for a longer period of time. The Mitsubishi Eclipse fender liner is one of the most effective parts that could be added on the Eclipse.

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