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Mitsubishi Galant Mirror

Problems You may Experience with Your Mitsubishi Galant Mirror

When driving, you don't just need to look ahead of you-you will also have to see what's beside and behind your car. This is what the Mitsubishi Galant mirror is for. Without having to turn your head, you can just look into the mirror and you'll see what's behind you. However, if the component is powered, you might experience some problems. These problems might affect your driving especially if you have gotten used to your rear-view mirror automatically dimming or adjusting at the operation of a switch.

Problem #1: There is noise coming from the electric rear-view mirror motors

If your car has an electric rear-view mirror installed, this would be one of the problems you will likely encounter. Turn on the ignition switch, but do not start the engine. Operate the rear-view mirror control switch and listen for the motors running. If you can hear them, then the drive mechanism inside the mirror housing might be faulty (it usually runs quietly). If this is so, then you will have to replace your mirror.

Problem #2: Nothing works on your auto-dimming rear-view mirror

If your car has a rear-view mirror with an auto-dimming function, then take note of this troubleshooting tip when you see that the component is not working. Aside from the dimming function, this car part usually has other electronic displays such as a clock, thermometer, and compass. When you turn on the ignition and you get nothing from the rear-view mirror, then there might be a problem with the wiring. Check the wire connections, the wiring harness and the fuse. If everything seems to be in order, then the mirror itself might be faulty.

Problem #3: The auto-dimming feature is not working

Another common problem that an auto-dimming rear-view mirror has is when its main function alone doesn't work while the other displays are fine. If this happens to your component, then check its sensors, which can be found at the back of mirror. Clean them off to make sure that nothing is blocking them from the light. Beam a flashlight onto the sensors to see if the mirror still dims. If it doesn't, then you might have faulty sensors.

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