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What makes MIY an important player in the auto parts market? Well, it's the fact that the life of your car engine and the life of other metal parts in your vehicle largely depend on the oil that runs through the nooks and crannies of the said components. The oil provides a cooling effect, all while reducing the friction that can damage the parts while they rub against each other as they work. This function does not only ensure a smooth operation but also guarantees that all the parts at work will not be prematurely damaged because of friction and heat.

Now for the said parts to remain in good health, they must constantly receive oil for lubrication. And, that oil must always remain clean, with complete lubricating properties. MIY manufactures parts for the oiling system in your vehicle, parts that maintain the oil's lubricating characteristics at peak level. One part that the company offers is the MIY oil pressure switch, the part that warns drivers whenever the oil pressure drops below the correct level. This is to ensure that the drivers can take action to prevent complete lubrication loss and possible part damage.

Another part from MIY is the oil drain plug. This plug is the part that you need to remove whenever you're draining oil to do a refill. Now, this is also crucial as this is often a source of leak. And, leak can also lead to lubrication loss, and ultimately, damage. Therefore, you need a high-quality plug that will hold well, not leak, and not get dislodged from its place. And this, this is what you will get from the manufacturer. MIY offers a high-quality plug plus other parts for the oil assembly in your ride.