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Friction is one of the elements in your vehicle that can be a friend or a foe, depending on the circumstance. It can be a foe once it starts to plague the various working metal parts in your auto-the presence of friction can cause extensive damage on the involved components. But, it can also be a friend when it comes to parts that need friction to put a halt to such things as the spinning of various components, as well as to promote adherence between two moving parts. MK is taking advantage of the benefits of friction in the manufacture of its products.

The company is a leading manufacturer of friction parts for the clutch and the brakes. One component that the brand offers is an MK brake pad set, a complete set designed to produce the right amount of friction that is capable of bringing your vehicle to a complete halt. Other than this, the company also offers complete brake shoe sets, clutch parts, and other components. These are all built to keep operation of the involved systems efficient, and ensure great performance and guaranteed safety.

MK has been manufacturing friction parts for more than half a century now. It offers both OEM components as well as aftermarket auto parts for a wide range of vehicles. It employs world-class standards in the manufacture of its parts, in several ISO-certified facilities, by top-of-the-line experts and professionals in the field. Aside from all these, it also guarantees the accessibility of its products to all kinds of customers. It is this reason that the company ties up with several distributors.