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Representing the cutting edge in advanced shock design technology, Monroe Shocks are manufactured only with high-performing parts and services. Every reflex shock is incorporated with Impact Sensor Technology. What could this technology make? Basically, this impact sensor is a smart valve that could detect when the Monroe Reflex Shock is already hitting a bump. This process, by nature is better than controlling a panic braking maneuver. Furthermore, these reflex shocks are all filled with an all-weathered fluid that maintains a constant viscosity even in extreme cold or heat conditions. Thus, with Monroe Shocks, expect your ride to maintain the same damping performance amidst all weather conditions.

Equipped with Fluon-banded piston, Monroe Reflex Shocks respond in the quickest way upon encountering bumps on the road. All reflex shocks from Monroe are filled with nitrogen gas that performs as a preventing factor against foaming and aeration in the shock fluid. These top-performing features, engineered with the latest innovation in the shock design technology, makes Monroe Reflex Shocks the best buy shock system. The high-strength steel seals and rods, along with other special features, just proves that Monroe is still one of the best replacement shocks in the market.

So if you long to achieve the latest in shock technology in the most cost-effective package, use Monroe Shocks and Monroe Struts for your ride.

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  • Tips on Buying Monroe Shocks & Struts

    To ensure your vehicle's ride is as smooth as you deserve it to be, make sure you ask for genuine Monroe shocks and struts. Monroe shocks provide better handling, control and performance for your light truck and SUV. A high-pressure gas charge separates the shock's internal oil and nitrogen, making sure it provides a smooth ride and good control. Monroe shocks also include a hydraulic lockout that cushions the impact as your vehicle's suspension is fully extended. Monroe shocks use a high-pressure nitrogen gas charge that provides a very tight damping response and gives you excellent vehicle control. A free floating dividing piston separates the Monroe shock fluid from the high-pressure gas charge. The Monroe shock housing is high strength, to resist damage and provide longer life service.
    Monroe struts have Impact Sensor Technology that senses acceleration and improves the vehicle's handling, safety and overall ride characteristics. Monroe's patented Impact Sensor valve senses a bump in the road and will adjust the Monroe strut to absorb the impact, leaving it with greater control when necessary. Monroe struts also have rod displaced valving, a hardened and chromed piston rod, ensuring long service life and a unique rod guide and single lip seal, also ensuring long service life. A fluon banded piston means you'll be ready for any kind of weather or road conditions with your Monroe struts, as it enhances responsiveness.
    Monroe Air Shocks are ideal for vehicles that haul heavy loads or tow trailers. They are designed to maintain level vehicle height and can inflated or deflated as needed-from 20 psi to 150 psi with the vehicle loaded. Two shocks can maintain ride height when up to 1200 pounds of additional weight is loaded. They're packed in pairs that include air line, air fittings and air fill kit. They have all-weather fluid that will reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction. A special air fitting resists air leakage. Monroe Air Shocks have a lubricated air sleeve. sintered iron piston that is stronger than traditional metals and a large volume air chamber.
    Monroe Reflex shocks also present the best in technology with a long life and incredible performance. Monroe shocks and struts have Velocity Proportional Valving that provides precise , proportional damping based on the vehicle's speed to road impacting, ensuring the ideal balance of comfort and control in any driving situation. In short, Monroe shocks and struts have all the technology available today to make your vehicle ride better, perform better and handle like a dream. No matter what your needs are, Monroe shocks and struts will be able to handle them with no problem.

  • Monroe: Precision & Technology

    Read up on why when it comes to dependable suspension components, Monroe is a brand that you can trust.
    Safe driving starts with superb auto handling-and this is exactly what Monroe can bring to your car. As one of the leading global providers of quality OEM and aftermarket suspension components, Monroe specializes in creating precision ride-control suspension units designed to improve vehicle handling, ride quality, and automobile safety. Providing automakers and vehicle owners with quality suspension parts like shock absorbers, strut inserts, suspension springs, and strut assemblies, Monroe offers you instant and reliable solutions to all your vehicle stability and suspension troubles.
    Since its inception in 1916, Monroe has helped the auto industry revolutionize automobile designs by introducing innovative and dependable aftermarket vehicle components to millions of car owners around the world. After presenting the first self-oiling single barrel tire pump to American drivers in 1919, Monroe shifted to providing suspension components by introducing its first automobile shock eliminator in 1926. Decades later, Monroe is still at it-making one breakthrough suspension innovation after another. With this brand and its almost a century's worth of experience in creating groundbreaking automotive parts, you can expect nothing less than what's best for today's vehicles.
    To ensure that all its suspension units are reliable, the company uses advanced automotive technology combined with rigorous product testing to guarantee component dependability, performance, and endurance. All Monroe suspension units are also inspected prior to release to ensure that each component passes the company's three safety standards: braking, steering, and stability. Each Monroe strut is designed to ensure better steering response by reducing bucking and excess vehicle movement through dampening suspension up-and-down movement. Jolts caused by sudden-braking are also reduced by Monroe components that are designed to help maintain adequate tire traction. Lastly, vehicle stability and better ride quality are guaranteed by Monroe shocks, which reduce excessive vehicle movement.

  • Choosing the Right Monroe Product, For the Right Job

    Monroe has been at the forefront of ride control technology since the beginning of the automotive era

    Adding Monroe air shocks to your truck or SUV can ensure a level ride even with up to 1,200 pounds of extra weight on the back

    Though they look different, Monroe struts and Monroe shocks share the same basic internal technologies to provide exceptional damping

    If you want to combine the latest in shock technology in a cost-effective package, look no further than Monroe Reflex shocks and struts

    It'll come as no surprise that one of the biggest names in ride control products, Monroe shocks, also has one of the biggest selections of products designed to help your car ride more smoothly, handle better, and corner with more authority. Monroe shocks come in versions to help your car track more safely, your truck haul heavier loads, and to help you regain some ride quality without breaking the bank. All Monroe shocks work on the same basic principle though: fluid is forced through an orfice when your wheel compresses or rebounds. Since the fluid in your Monroe shocks can only travel through the orfice at a certain speed, the Monroe shocks provide some damping, or shock absorption. Monroe shocks are essential for controlling your car's springswithout Monroe shocks to damp their action, your car would simply bounce for miles after hitting a bump or pothole. Monroe shocks also can shorten your braking distances and help you turn corners with ease. Keep in mind that shocks wear so gradually that yours may be worn out even though your car doesn't ride noticeably different. Adding a new set of Monroe shocks, whether they're gas charged Monroe shocks or standard Monroe shocks, can make a huge difference that you'll notice right away!

    Most of Monroe's years of shock absorber technology is also available in the form of Monroe struts for your car, truck, or van. Monroe struts are packed with high-tech damping innovations that help provide a stable ride and exceptional cornering ability on your vehicle. After all, Monroe struts are essentially Monroe shocks with some added pieces that allow the Monroe struts to function as a structural suspension member. Monroe struts frequently incorporate the spring perch, and where available, replaceable cartridges may be fitted to your Monroe struts rather than replacing the entire unit. But at the heart of it all, your Monroe struts perform the same function that the shocks do: damping excess suspension movement for improved ride control, handling, and braking performance. The Reflex, Monro-matic, and Sensa-Trac lines of Monroe struts are all premium replacement ride control items for most passenger cars, light trucks, and vans, and are well suited to OE replacement duty. So find the Monroe struts that fit your application and be prepared for a pleasant surprise when you find out just how affordable new Monroe struts can be for your car.

    Do you enjoy towing things with your trucksboats, trailers, campers, even other trucks? Maintain a safe, level ride height on your tow vehicle by using Monroe air shocks to smooth the ride. Monroe air shocks incorporate all of the premium features found in standard Monroe gas shocks, like all-weather fluid and advanced valving. These items also help Monroe air shocks maintain their composure. But Monroe air shocks go a step further by adding a large air chamber that can inflate with as much as 150 psi even with your vehicle loaded. That translates into a stable ride height even with 1,200 pounds of additional weight on your truck. And Monroe air shocks don't have to be used to their full capacity every time: You can add as little as 20 psi to your Monroe air shocks to compensate for a light load, or add the full amount for more than a half ton. The custom air fitting on Monroe air shocks is designed to resist leakage even at extreme pressures, and Monroe air shocks utilize a sintered iron piston for exceptionally long service life. Your Monroe air shocks come with one pair of shocks, air line, fittings, and a fill kit, so all you need to do is follow the directions and you're ready to roll. Then you can pick up whatever you want to haul confident that your Monroe air shocks will handle the load.