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Performance like the original is what Moog offers for your car's suspension system. Learn more about Moog and its features by clicking here.
Car components like the ball joint, control arm and, coil springs are important in the overall operation of a vehicle. These secondary suspension components may be overlooked sometimes but their contribution to your car is important nevertheless. That's why you have to maintain them in good condition or else your car's handling is going to suffer. But if ever you need help in restoring your suspension system's quality, a good choice would be to go with Moog.
Moog is a well-known name in the automotive industry, particularly as a suspension maker. And to maintain that reputation, Moog always makes it a point to produce well-performing suspension components such as the control arm, ball joint, and the coil springs. And along with those suspension parts, Moog also manufactures quality wheel alignment kits and replacements for your car's sway bar bushing and idler arm. This way, you can have full access to any replacement suspension component or kit you may need for you car. With these various products, you can make sure your car's suspension system is working well and that it stays that way.
Of course, safety isn't forgotten with every product Moog makes. Moog makes sure their products pass safety standards first by testing these suspension components through simulations of harsh road conditions. As a result, every ball joint or control arm made by Moog is safe to use in your car. If you're after an added boost to your car's handling and suspension system, look no further. Moog is a brand that's always ready to assist you when it comes to your suspension system needs.

Moog Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Moog Product, For the Right Job

    Handling and control are just a little bit below braking when it comes to level of importance. Next to a safe stop, you have to ensure that you can control your vehicle fully well no matter what your driving conditions are. Whether you're driving in rough terrains, maneuvering through zigzagging roads, or navigating through potholes and bumps, you need to be on top of whatever situation you may encounter in your drive. Moog, a leading player in the automotive market, aims to help your car remain stable and capable wherever you may be heading.

    The company is one of the popular manufacturers of high-quality parts for the suspension and steering assemblies. These assemblies are the primary systems responsible for maintaining control in your vehicle. While the steering system is designed to manage the right and left turn of your car, the suspension is crafted to control the up and down movement of your auto as it runs through different road surfaces. The stability of your drives depends on the condition of the said assemblies. If you want to maintain your driving safety at all times, you have to keep all components of the said systems in good shape. And this is where Moog can help you.

    The company is one of the popular brands under the Federal Mogul company. Primarily catering to European cars, the manufacturer has a rich line-up of parts that covers around 8,000 applications. Some of its parts are the Moog coil springs, Moog ball joint, and Moog sway bar link kit for the suspension system. For the steering assembly, it offers parts like the pitman arms and link stabilizers. All these are designed as OEM parts, easy to mount even by average DIYers.