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Ford vehicles are recognized for the quality and consistency of their performance. That's because they rely only on the best Motorcraft products available to serve as a replacement for their stock components.
Being a pioneer in the industry, Ford demands only the best for the various vehicles it has created over the years. And what better way to give its automobiles the best than by having its parts created by Ford itself? This led to the birth of Motorcraft. Established in 1972, this brand served as the official automotive parts provider for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. And so far, none has been able to come close to coming at par with it as a parts provider for Ford's three vehicle lines.
Motorcraft offers a comprehensive selection of automotive parts used in most vehicles today. It manufactures almost all parts, from oil filters, fuel pumps, and alternators to wiper blades, air conditioning components, and even lubricants. Each of these parts is built to provide optimum performance every time the engine is turned on. That's because these parts are subjected to Motorcraft's extensive on-the-road testing to ensure that they function just as expected. And because they're also constructed to match a vehicle's specifications, car owners can install them with ease. As a result, these owners are able to save time and effort since they don't have to make any adjustments to the products. And to accommodate drivers who don't own a Ford vehicle but want to avail of Motorcraft components, the company had its products built such that they can fit other non-Ford automobiles as well.
As the provider of parts for the well-known Ford vehicles, the company definitely provides an array of parts that are of top quality and are guaranteed to perform well at all times. So when replacing car components, be just like Ford-don't settle for anything less than Motorcraft.

Motorcraft Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Motorcraft Product, For the Right Job

    Ford vehicles deserve nothing less than Motorcraft replacement parts. And why not, this brand is under the Ford company, and it is designed to offer original replacement parts for a wide range of Ford models. Put up in the 1970s, the brand has grown over the years and it has come to offer a wider range of parts and accessories not only for Ford vehicles but even for such auto makes as Lincoln and Mercury. The parts that it offers range from the simplest boots to components like the spark plugs.

    Ford vehicles have always been known for their practicality. They are used in tough applications and tasks, capable of handling and carrying out heavy-duty functions. These vehicles are equipped with top-of-the-line original components, designed to be up to the challenge that most Ford vehicles face. The real test for drivers here is when it comes to finding replacements once the original parts begin to fail. It's not so easy to find parts that are as good as the original. Now that's the reason Motorcraft has been established-to provide car owners with a reliable resource for all their replacement needs.

    As mentioned above, the parts offered by the company range from complete components to smaller parts and hardware. The brand offers whole parts like the Motorcraft alternator, as well as supporting components such as the Motorcraft starter cable. It even offers switches for the different parts in your vehicle (i.e. Motorcraft headlight switch), all of which are designed to work well even in extreme environments and to endure even the harshest conditions.