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Distributor Cap by Motorcraft

Getting to Know your Motorcraft Distributor Cap

Just like how you are very particular when it comes to choosing your car's color, you should also be as picky when it comes to the finish of its replacement parts. It might not have an impact on your vehicle's overall performance, but having a finish that will match the rest of its systems is also very important. You wouldn't want its individual parts to stick out like a sore thumb, now would you? So even with something as small as your car's distributor cap, getting the right finish that will give you the look you desire should also be a priority. To help you to choose between the two kinds of finish Motorcraft offers when it comes to distributor caps, we broke down the features and fit of each type.

Motorcraft Distributor Cap - Black

  • What makes it awesome: A Motorcraft distributor cap with a black finish is the kind of replacement that provides a sleeker finish to match the other parts inside your car's engine compartment. Its smooth black color can provide your vehicle with a more consistent look under the hood.

  • Where it fits: A Motorcraft distributor cap with a black finish is best suited for drivers who want a more seamless look for their car's distributor. It is also a good replacement cap for vehicles fitted with performance parts that are finished with louder colors-such as a bright blue spark plug wire or a glaring red cold air intake. The black, more neutral, finish of this Motorcraft distributor cap could balance the already confusing color scheme of your car's engine bay.

Motorcraft Distributor Cap - Gray

  • What makes it awesome: As compared to a black Motorcraft distributor cap, this replacement distributor cap in gray finish provides a sturdier look. It gives off a look similar to a heavy-duty metal auto part that is installed on your vehicle. Although it may appear stand-offish at first, the gray finish is easier to maintain since scratches are much less noticeable with this kind of finish.

  • Where it fits: This distributor cap is perfect for vehicle's that have a simpler engine compartment. It can enhance the overall stock appearance of the bay, making it look like it's as good as new.

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