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Mr Gasket is a division of Prestolite Performance Group that develops various solutions for automotive performance needs.

This automotive parts manufacturer ensures best quality, best appearance, and best sealing capability in all its offerings.

Lately, this company has come up with AN fittings that are made from aluminum with attractive black and silver appearance.

Mr Gasket produces parts, gaskets, and seals for almost all vehicle makes and models.

The intake manifold is one of the most important components of the engine because it is the part that delivers fuel and air mixture to the cylinders in order to be used during combustion. It's understandable that without this part, a car's engine won't be able to operate efficiently. All components that hold it in place must be in good condition at all times as well. If some of its stock bolts get lost, replacement must be done immediately. The Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Bolt Set is the perfect replacement product as its quality speaks for itself..This bolt set is made up of 12 .3125–18 x 2 hex head bolts. Also included in the set are 12 .3125" AN washers to match the hex bolts. These bolts are such eyecandies as they are made with chrome plating. Aside from making them look attractive, the chrome plating also protects the bolts from corrosion. To get the best out of this Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Bolt Set, car owners must ensure they are placed carefully and accurately. Car owners can count on the Mr Gasket brand of intake manifold bolt set because it is manufactured using premium quality materials as well as state–of–the–art equipment. Mr Gasket always ensures that every product that comes out of its facilities is of the best quality and will provide customer satisfaction. Car owners can rest easy knowing they are getting the best value for their money in the Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Bolt Set.

The distributor is a major component in the proper ignition of a vehicle. It needs to be secure at all times for it to function properly. Some car owners may not know that the distributor is held down by a clamp. Stock distributor clamps can wear out over time, thus, replacement is inevitable. Car owners don't need to worry about replacement because Mr Gasket has the right replacement. The Mr Gasket Distributor Clamp is a great replacement choice because of its design and composition. This part is plated with chrome to reinforce its quality and to make sure it doesn't easily have rust build up. It also features rolled edges that reinforces its strength. An added benefit of using this clamp is its attractive appearance. The engine bay will look a bit better than before if a Mr Gasket Distributor Clamp is in place. This can be used on magnetos and also on standard and electronic ignition distributors. Car owners don't have to worry about its installation because it already comes with bolt or stud mounting, nut and distributor gasket, and lock and flat washers. Distributor clamps like the Mr Gasket Distributor Clamp is very important because it doesn't only stabilize the distributor, it also plays a big role when adjustments or modifications on the ignition timing has to be made. Due to its important role, it's only right for it to be given proper maintenance.

Starting a car's engine won't be possible if the distributor doesn't work properly. There are many reasons why a car distributor fails. One of them is a faulty distributor gear. A car would be useless if it doesn't start. If the cause of the defect is the distributor's damaged gear, better replace it immediately. There are numerous replacement choices available in the market these days; however one of the most trusted parts is the Mr Gasket Distributor Gear. It's important to restore this part as soon as possible because it has an important function to accomplish. The distributor gear is responsible for making the distributor shaft turn. This part's manufacturer, Mr Gasket, ensures its quality by making use of premium materials during production. Alloy aluminum and bronze are two of the materials predominantly used in manufacturing this. The Mr Gasket Distributor Gear is also made with an attaching pin to make installation as convenient as possible. Due to its design and quality, the gear can be employed with any high–performance steel alloy and billet cams. However, car owners must look carefully because this only fits a .491 diameter shaft. A 90–day manufacturer's warranty comes with the part in case something goes wrong with the part upon installation. Even though the Mr Gasket Distributor Gear is a durable auto part, it still requires regular and proper maintenance for it to give a long service life.

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