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How to Install Mud Guards the Right Way in Four Easy Steps

The mud guards of your vehicle prevent road spray like stones, sand, and mud from being thrown up by the tires. Aside from defending your car's body from the flying debris, they also protect the other vehicles behind you from catching the road spray. If you notice that the mud guards of your vehicle are already cracked and damaged, here's an installation guide to help you replace them safely and correctly.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • Drill

  • Drill bit

  • Socket

  • Socket wrench

  • Screwdriver

  • Floor jack

  • Jack stands

  • Cross wrench

  • New mud guards
  • Preparing for the task

    Use the floor jack and the jack stands to lift the vehicle. Remove the tires before detaching the mud guards so you'll have more work space. When that's done, take off the old mud guards from your vehicle and clean the area thoroughly. Clean the bolts and the screws as well and put them aside.

    Fitting the new mud guards

    Locate the mount holes of the screws and bolts. Take the new mud guard and align it position using the holes as a guide. The mud guard should fit seamlessly in place.

    Drilling the holes

    Take the drill and the drill bit. Make sure that it's the correct drill bit size before using it. Otherwise, it may create a hole that's too wide. Get the plastic inserts that should come with the new mud guards, and place it on the mounting hole. Hold the mud guard in position and drill the first hole. Place the screw or the bolt after drilling the hole, but don't tighten it yet. Do this for the rest of the holes until they're complete.

    Aligning the mud guards correctly

    Check the mud guard if it's in straightly aligned. If it is, tighten the screws and bolts properly. Do the same procedure for the rest of the mud guards.

    Additional tips

    • Park your car on a level surface to ensure that the mud guards you'll install are straight. Place a mark on the their surface to know the front and back parts.

    • Look for mud guards that have stainless steel weights or chrome anti-sail brackets. These will prevent the mud guards from sailing upward while you're driving your car.

    Mud Guards Articles

    • Weathertech vs. Husky Liners: The Battle for Superior Road Debris Protection

      To keep your car protected from road debris that will only cause damage to your car's paint, you need high-quality and durable mud guards. Weathertech and Husky Liners, two of the leading mud guard manufacturers in the automotive industry, claim to provide only the best mud guards for the roughest road conditions. Choosing what's better between the two brands can be really difficult to figure out, so we've decided to make this quick guide to help you decide easier:


      Both Weathertech's and Husky Liners' mud guards are made from high-grade and durable thermoplastic material. Although Husky Liners claim that its mud guards are custom molded to fit any type of vehicle perfectly, Weathertech has the advantage with its No-Drill Mudflap technology and QuickTurn hardened stainless steel fastening system. These features can help car owners install the mud guards in a jiffy.

      WINNER: Weathertech


      To determine the performance of both brands, we have tested Weathertech's DigitalFit mud guards and Husky Liner's Logo-Ready custom molded mud guards on a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado. We have purposely driven the car on a sandy and muddy off-road terrain, and both mud guards didn't disappoint. They held up during the rough test drive and after a careful observation, there were no signs of cracks or any damage on the surface of the mud guards.

      WINNER: Weathertech and Husky Liners


      Husky Liners' Logo-Ready mud guards can cost as much as $131.95, far more expensive than Weathertech's DigitalFit mud guards, which are sold as high as $74.95. The thing is, if you want to add appeal and distinction to your ride, then the Logo-Ready mud guards might be right for you. However, if you want to go for a simple and sleek look for your car but are on a budget, then go for the DigitalFit.

      WINNER: Weathertech


      The DigitalFit mud guards are sold with a three-year Weathertech limited warranty, while the Logo-Ready mud guards from Husky Liners come with a good Lifetime Husky Liners limited warranty.

      WINNER: Husky Liners

      The verdict

      There's no denying the excellent performance of Weathertech's and Husky Liners' high-quality mud guards-they've proven their products are indeed top-of-the-line. Their differences, however, came down to the price and warranty. It will be up to you to choose between the budget you're willing to shell out and the warranty coverage you want to get.