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Mirrors have always been considered as safety devices in vehicles. In fact, they come in such great number and they are incorporated in various areas of your ride. You'll find them in your car interior and exterior, designed not only to reflect your driving environment but as well as to give you a better view of your surroundings. But while you may think that mirrors are just that, there are actually more to these components. Muth, a leading manufacturer of automotive mirrors and mirror parts, will prove that to you.

The company has been operating since 1947, and it has already gone through a lot of transformations over the years. Muth actually started business in a different field-it only ventured out into the auto industry around three decades after it started. And even then, it didn't get into mirror manufacturing at once, starting out in the production of rubber parts likes floor mats instead. During the 90's, the company got into the manufacture of mirrors, and it has gone far ever since.

The company ventured into advanced mirror technology with its signal mirrors. These mirrors combine the function of the turn signals by incorporating LED lights into the said devices. These lights flash to indicate the direction of your turn, thus informing other drivers to give way. The signal mirrors can be installed using complete kits from the brand. You can choose between the usual signal mirrors and the wide angle mirrors, which provide a higher level of safety. Other than these, you'll also find a Muth turn signal mirror module and Muth mirror glass from the company to help you with all your needed replacements.