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Nerf Bars

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Make climbing aboard your vehicle easy with reliable nerf bars. If you want a long-lasting nerf bar, get stainless steel nerf bars.
Do you know the story behind the creation of the nerf bar? In racing, a "nerf" refers to intentional bumps made by a driver to another driver's vehicle on the racetrack. By brushing against the other vehicle's side and pushing it out of the way, the driver who "nerfs" gets ahead in the race. To guard against such bumps, racecars are equipped with nerf bars.
The nerf bas, in the form of chrome-plated or powder-coated steel tubing, can be mounted along the bottom of each of your vehicle's sides. In racing applications, these bars prevent two vehicle's wheels from rubbing against each other. For your everyday truck or SUV, these bars serve as non-slip steps to make getting on or off your vehicle easier. Aside from the added convenience, the bars offer a degree of protection for your vehicle's sides and wheels. These add-ons are particularly useful if you like taking your vehicle on rough off-road trails. They can be aesthetic accessories, too. Once installed, these make your SUV or truck more appealing and even intimidating.
Nerf bars are indeed versatile accessories that can give your ride a lot of benefits. This is why you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to get high-quality ones for your vehicle. There are many stores on the Internet that provide a variety of choices when it comes to nerf bar brands and designs, so get yours today/

Nerf Bars Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Nerf Bars

    Auto accessories are definitely great additions to your vehicle. This is especially true with accessories that offer more besides aesthetic enhancement. If you install nerf bars for example, added style is not all your vehicle gets. Nerf bars also help passengers enter or exit your vehicle more easily. Every nerf bar features a ribbed or powder-coated surface that guarantees slip-free stepping into or out of your vehicle. These bars are also useful during snowy or wet weather, helping passengers gain steadier footing on wet or icy ground. And since nerf bars are made from thick, tubular steel, they serve as an extra layer of protection to your vehicle's lower rocker panels, preventing these panels from damage brought by the off-road trails. You can get all these benefits just by installing premium-quality nerf bars on your vehicle. Auto Parts Deal offers a wide array of nerf bars for SUVs and trucks. Choose a set for your vehicle today!

    • Makes climbing into and stepping off your vehicle easier for passengers

    • Makes your vehicle look sportier and stylish

    • Easy no-drill, bolt-on installation