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Neuspeed is a full-line supplier of performance parts for European cars, and they've begun to branch out into Asian cars too.

Progressive-rate Neuspeed springs can reduce your car's center of gravity, improve your handling, and do it all without sacrificing comfort

Do you want to get the most out of your 2 liter VW? Bolt on a combination Neuspeed supercharger and intake manifold, then hang on!

The Neuspeed strut bar acts as a frame member tying together the upper sections of your strut towers, increasing rigidity and improving handling

What are your suspension goals? If reducing the gap between your tire and your fender is a top priority, there are Neuspeed springs to get you there. If turning the fastest time at Road Atlanta is a top priority, there are Neuspeed springs to get you there, too. The company that has revolutionized the tuner market has Neuspeed springs to accomplish most any goal you might have with your car, and you don't necessarily have to sacrifice comfort to get there. The trick is the progressive rate technology used on street car Neuspeed springs. In many cases, the ride is actually more comfortable than stock, but when you start diving into the corners, your Neuspeed springs move into their performance zone and firm up tremendously. The result is that your cornering is vastly improved with no sacrifice in highway ride quality. Or take your suspension further with coilover kits that incorporate Neuspeed springs. With threaded perch rods, you can actually maintain full control over the stiffness of your suspension. Mated with premium aftermarket shocks, Neuspeed springs can get you closer to a race car suspension on a budget than any other manufacturer. All this should come as no surpriseafter all, Neuspeed springs live underneath some of the most successful road race cars on the circuit today. Now they can live under your street car too when you choose Neuspeed springs for your suspension build-up.

Volkswagen models with the 8-valve 2-liter four cylinder engine have great balance, handling, and driving dynamics, but they're a little shy on power and torque. You can change all that and go after the 1.8T/VR6 crowd by adding a Neuspeed supercharger to your Jetta, Golf, or New Beetle. The Neuspeed supercharger utilizes a highly efficient Roots-type blower like that found in late-model GM 3800 applications. The advantage of this type of blower in the Neuspeed supercharger is that it uses less horsepower to drive and has nearly instantaneous throttle response. Since it's a positive-displacement design, boost is available from idle on up. You'll have three car lengths on the 1.8T guys before they know what hit them! The Neuspeed supercharger design also incorporates the intake manifold directly into the blower housing preventing unreliable couplings from being necessary. That means the Neuspeed supercharger doesn't leak pressurized air and doesn't have fittings that can dry-rot and become detached. The Neuspeed supercharger had reliability as its number one design goal throughout the engineering process. Now you can benefit from the simplicity and build quality of the Neuspeed supercharger on your Volkswagen, and enjoy the additional 50-70 horsepower that it'll provide from your engine.

Do you understand the need for a Neuspeed strut bar on your vehicle? If you take a look under the hood, it'll become pretty obvious. See those points above your wheelwells where the struts mount to the body? There's no metal between them, so when you're cornering hard, the metal in those areas is free to flex. With a Neuspeed strut bar installed, you tie those two strut mounting points together with a heavy-duty crossmember. The Neuspeed strut bar takes the load from body flex and transfers it into the other strut tower, preventing your car body from flexing out of shape. Your suspension geometry is maintained more accurately and the car handles better, all by adding a simple Neuspeed strut bar under the hood. Each Neuspeed strut bar is constructed of either heavy-wall tubing or billet aluminum for exceptional strength, with the end fittings welded firmly in place. The Neuspeed strut bar then receives a durable powder-coat finish or chrome plating, and is ready to install on your vehicle in just minutes. Much like a cold air intake is on the engine, a Neuspeed strut bar is one of those essential additions to any performance street vehicle. A rigid chassis is required for optimal handling, and adding a Neuspeed strut bar is the first step towards building a stable suspension platform.