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Neutral Safety Switch

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Sometimes, vehicle accidents happen because of carelessness or sheer forgetfulness. That's why automatic transmission cars are equipped with a neutral safety switch. This is intended to keep you from starting up the engine with the transmission in gear.The switch comes with electric contacts that open or become disconnected when you try to crank the engine with the transmission engaged. In effect, power from the battery doesn't reach the starter motor's circuit.Putting the transmission into park or neutral closes the contacts and allows current to flow to the starter motor, starting up the engine. Cranking the engine with the transmission in gear can cause the car to suddenly jerk forward or backward, so this switch helps you avoid the risks of vehicle damage or personal injury.For safety, regularly check if your car's neutral safety switch works properly. For quality replacements, you can trust Carparts.

• May be mounted in the steering column

• Designed for automatic transmissions and helps prevent vehicle damage and personal injury

• Long-lasting replacement switches available at Carparts