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We are finding interesting links and news from around the web and collecting them here for your enjoyment.

01 Mar. '08[NEWS]World Car of the Year Announces Top 10 Finalists
01 Mar. '08[NEWS]Nissan Engineers Simulate Being Elderly
01 Mar. '08[COOL]Orchestra makes instruments from car parts
28 Feb. '08[NEWS]When to buy rental insurance
28 Feb. '08[NEWS]Detroit to get Michigan's first carpool lane
28 Feb. '08[IMAGES]How much can your car carry?
27 Feb. '08[NEWS]Camera can detect number of car occupants
27 Feb. '08[NEWS] [HUMOR]First car more memorable than first kiss
26 Feb. '08[NEWS]Hike in gas tax proposed to rejuvenate highways
26 Feb. '08[HISTORY]What won't you find in cars anymore?
26 Feb. '08[NEWS]New York Wants a Clean, Green, Iconic "Taxi of Tomorrow"
25 Feb. '08[NEWS]Los Angeles considers charging to use carpool lanes
25 Feb. '08[NEWS]Car talks to the road and the road talks back
23 Feb. '08[NEWS]Blind advocates lobby for noisier hybrid cars
23 Feb. '08[TECH]Air-powered cars by 2010
23 Feb. '08[COOL]Green cars taken to the extreme
22 Feb. '08[TECH]Virtual-Cable 3D vehicle navigation system
22 Feb. '08[COOL]Japanese do-it-yourself cars
21 Feb. '08[TECH]Weird alternative fuel sources
21 Feb. '08[VIDEO]Go, Speed Racer, Go! (movie trailer)
21 Feb. '08[COOL] [HISTORY]World's smallest cars
20 Feb. '08[NEWS] [TECH]Honda Heat-Harnessing Hybrids
20 Feb. '08[COOL] Astounding precision driving (80s Isuzu Gemini ad)
19 Feb. '08[HISTORY]Evolution of car logos
19 Feb. '08[PLACES] The top ten longest bridges in the world
18 Feb. '08[IMAGES]Lost America - Car Photography
18 Feb. '08[VIDEO] Los Angeles to New York City in under four minutes
17 Feb. '08[NEWS]World's most expensive car plate
17 Feb. '08[NEWS] [TECH] James Bond-style amphibious car launched
16 Feb. '08[ADVICE] Winterize your car
16 Feb. '08[NEWS] [HUMOR] Dog eats immobilizer chip
15 Feb. '08[TECH] Subaru electric car
15 Feb. '08[TECH] Color-changing cars
15 Feb. '08[COOL] The Worlds Finest Police cars
14 Feb. '08[TECH] Crazy concept cars
14 Feb. '08[TECH] Solar-assisted electric sports car
14 Feb. '08[ADVICE] Tips for cheaper car insurance
14 Feb. '08[COOL] Wireframe Corolla
14 Feb. '08[HISTORY] History of the automobile
14 Feb. '08[TECH] X7 Electric Bike

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