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GM Gave a Party and America Came
By Charles Ofria
Saturday, June 18, 2005

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon with a blue sky streaked with just enough wisps of clouds to make it interesting—in short, a perfect day to spend outdoors. So I let my weekend chores slide and headed for the parking lot of the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY, where GM was holding its annual “Auto Show in Motion.”

There were tents, music and free food. And, oh yes, a lineup of GM models, beckoning “come drive us.” And, for the sake of comparison, there were the competitor’s vehicles, like Lexus, Mercedes and Acura, all waiting,  keys dangling.

This was no fancy, schmancy look-but-don’t-touch event. Quite the contrary. If you had racked up at least eighteen birthdays and gotten your driver’s license, you were eligible to take the vehicle of your choice out for a quick spin. And, if you had kids, you didn’t have to leave them standing on the sidelines either. Car seats were readily available, so that your entire family could join you as you navigated your way around bright orange cones.

Sure, taking a vehicle for a three-minute test drive may not excite thrill seeking would-be racers, who might find the pace a bit too slow. But as I looked around, it seemed to me that the general public and, even the car enthusiasts among them, were enjoying the experience of slipping into a variety of brand new vehicles and trying them on for size.

Powerhouse Corvettes stood at the ready, along with luxurious Cadillacs plus more than 150 cars and trucks in between, not to mention competitive vehicles from Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Lexus and more.  Everyday people jumped into Hummers and tackled imposing hills created by tons of trucked-in dirt and returned to the starting grid with wide smiles, some looking like the proverbial cat that had swallowed the canary.


Then there were the adventurous people, mostly young guys, who took the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a 400 horsepower Corvette or GTO and experience the feeling of putting the pedal to the metal in the performance driving area.  Yes!

 There is no charge to attend and participate in GM's AutoShow in Motion.  The event even includes complimentary refreshments and a children's play area as well as gifts for each attendee.

To find out more and to see when the GM AutoShow in Motion will arrive at a location near you, visit their web site at

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