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Spark plug wires emit a great amount of RF interference if they are made of a solid wire material composition. Now, what do you get? You skip the experience of hearing the radio or using the electronic fuel injection. And instead, such specialized spark plug wires use a core manufactured with a combination of rubber and plastic compound blended with iron and other ferrous metals.

NGK Spark Plug Wires have an exceptionally low resistance and a low RF emission. Plus, NGK Spark Plug Wires have a great flexibility and endurance for any kind of bend and kink. To prevent any electrical leakage that could cause the untimely throwing off of the timing belt or firing up of other plug wires, fuel injector or other connected components, NGK Spark Plug Wires are made with another layer of RF shielding. Positioned at the center of every NGK Spark Plug Wire is a core made of Kevlar materials that gives extra strength for the wire. Also, the whole shebang is covered with the combination of EPDM rubber and a special oil and heat resistant silicone.

And to add to your NGK Spark Plug Wires, we also have NGK Oxygen Sensors to complete the set. NGK Oxygen Sensors thoroughly measure the oxygen content of your exhaust. Data is sent to your car's ignition computers and fuel injection for analysis. Soon after, the fuel and ignition would be adjusted in order to make sure the right oxygen dilution is maintained at a stable pace and measure.

What now? Get back on your gas mileage and save your catalytic converter from harm only with NGK Spark Plug Wires and NGK Oxygen Sensor.

NGK Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying NGK Wires, Spark Plugs & Oxygen Sensor

    NGK Spark Plug Wires are built to meet stringent OEM tolerances for a variety of import vehicles. When a spark plug fires, it creates a great deal of interference called RF. Uncontrolled, you could hear it as static on your radio, or it could cause problems with your electronic ignition, fuel injection or engine management systems. NGK Spark Plug Wires use variable pitch wire winding to cut down on RF. The variable pitch winding provides suppression through a very wide range by scrambling and breaking up the electrical waves radiated by the firing of the spark plugs.
    NGK Spark Plug Wires are made of a ferrite magnetic layer that offers uniform resistance and great conductivity. NGK Spark Plug Wires have a lower resistance than conventional carbon core wires. At the center is a fiberglass stranded core, made from the same family of material used in bulletproof vests. This core enhances the overall strength of the wire, protecting it from damage caused by the pulling strains that wires are often subjected to and that can destroy their performance. MGK Spark Plug Wires are numbered to correspond to cylinder numbers and coil wires are color coded for correct and easy installation.
    The NGK Spark Plug provides more complete combustion that not only provides more power, it also means less harmful emissions. Using V-Power technology, an NGK Spark Plug uses a v-groove center electrode that forces the spark to the outer edge of the ground electrode, placing it closer to the air/fuel mixture. This allows the spark to more quickly ignite the mixture and provides more complete combustion. NGK Spark Plugs also require lower ignition firing voltages, resulting in quicker starts and easier cold weather starts throughout the life of the plugs.
    Failed or worn-out oxygen sensors can cause your vehicle to fail an emissions test, increased fuel consumption, failed catalytic converters, poor driveability and increased emissions. Make sure you test your oxygen sensor at each tune-up, and replace it with an NGK Oxygen Sensor. Each one is tested extensively during manufacture to guarantee quality and reliability. The NGK Oxygen Sensor is platinum coated, and has a high purity sensor element to ensure quick response to changes in the air/fuel ration. It's supplied with a factory-fitted OEM connector for easy installation and each NGK Oxygen Sensor is individually tested. MGK is the world's largest manufacturer of oxygen sensors, with over 10 million sensors produced annually.

  • NGK: Precision & Technology

    The right amount of power coursing through your engine after start up helps it perform better. To make sure that it stays that way, equip your car with the top-of-the-line ignition parts produced by NGK.
    Would you trust anything less than the best when it comes to your vehicle's spark plug and ignition wire set? Of course not, especially since these components are responsible for activating and powering your ride. Anything less than standard is bound to cause your vehicle more harm than good in the long run. Thus, it's no surprise that drivers look for NGK when it comes to spark plugs and ignition parts.
    Providing quality ignition products as early as 1936, NGK has worked to set up a total of fourteen factories in eight countries. It has been able to establish itself as the global ignition parts provider for most automotive manufacturers. Being a worldwide distributor, NGK, of course, is recognized for the premium quality of its products. A perfect example is its spark plugs, which are constructed using materials such as ceramics and iridium that are combined with a copper core. These spark plugs also incorporate the company's V-Groove technology, enabling them to promote a cleaner burn and help the engine emit less emission. Thanks to the innovative materials and technology used, the company has been considered the top choice by drivers from both street and racetrack.
    Remember that in the end, you get what you pay for. So if you decide to settle and pay for something less, well, less is what you'll get eventually. With NGK, you're assured of getting the best in terms of product quality and performance. Now that's something worth putting your money into. So when it comes to your vehicle's ignition system, trust only NGK products.

  • Choosing the Right NGK Product, For the Right Job

    Precious metals add up to a hot spark plug: NGK platinum and Iridium plugs can burn the leanest mixtures and build more horsepower

    A conductive core with exceptional shielding helps NGK plug wires deliver the spark without interfering with your radio or computer systems

    There are several levels of NGK spark plugs available to meet different performance goals and price points

    Now you know: NGK builds an oxygen sensor using the same quality engineering that's made them a famous name in spark plugs

    NGK spark plug wires are only wires in the loosest sense of the word. If they were made of a solid wire material, your NGK spark plug wires would emit so much RF interference that you wouldn't be able to hear the radio or use electronic fuel injection. Instead, NGK spark plug wires use a core made up of a rubber and plastic compound blended with iron and other ferrous metals. That gives NGK spark plug wires exceptionally low resistance, low RF emissions, and great flexibility for all the kinks and bends that they have to endure. NGK spark plug wires then get another layer of RF shielding to ensure that no electrical leakage occurs, leakage that could misfire another plug wire, a fuel injector, or throw your timing off. At the center of your NGK spark plug wires is a core of Kevlar material for strength, and the whole shebang is covered with heat and oil resistant silicone and EPDM rubber. So, what does all that mean to you, the car owner and enthusiast? It means that NGK spark plug wires will outlast, outbend, out-conduct, and outperform all other comparable spark plug wires on the market. Simply put, NGK spark plug wires are the best OE replacement wire sets available today. And if you need more convincing, they don't cost an arm and a leg either, so pick up some NGK spark plug wires and try them for yourself.

    Import enthusiasts have been using NGK spark plug products for years now, and the domestic community has caught on too. We thought it was unusual the first time we saw a 5.0 Mustang wearing an NGK spark plug sticker on its windowuntil we saw that Mustang beat its competition soundly in the quarter mile run! You can get an NGK spark plug for just about everything from your piston-engine airplane to your gas trimmer, and there are different NGK spark plug types for different applications. For good all-around performance and OE replacement duty, the standard NGK spark plug is an ideal choice. For performance applications, step up to the V-Power NGK spark plug, though. Its patented V channel gives a hotter spark and better combustion in your engine. For the top of the line cars, though, you want either a platinum or iridium NGK spark plug set firing off the mix. The precious metals in these NGK spark plugs let more power get into the combustion chamber for a hotter spark with a larger gap. From a fuel efficiency standpoint, the Iridium and Iridium IX NGK spark plug will also burn leaner mixtures efficientlythat means you use less gasoline too. Thousands of performance enthusiasts and mechanics alike have learned to trust the NGK spark plug design. Perhaps it's time you tried an NGK spark plug in your vehicle tooor you could always start with an NGK spark plug in your gas trimmer and work your way up.

    You're probably familiar with NGK spark plugs, but did you know there was also such a thing as an NGK oxygen sensor? That's right, the same parent company that produces your favorite plugs also has a facility making the finest OE and replacement NGK oxygen sensor products in the world. Let's start out by looking at what a bad O2 sensor in your vehicle's exhaust system can do. If you notice a reduction in gas mileage coupled with low power and a rotten smell from your tailpipe, you're almost certainly a candidate for a new NGK oxygen sensor. The NGK oxygen sensor measures the quantity of oxygen in the exhaust. Your car's fuel injection and ignition computers analyze that data, and then adjust the fuel and ignition to ensure that the right oxygen dilution is maintained at all times. Without a working NGK oxygen sensor, false readings result in your car defaulting to a rich mixture, with the resulting symptoms mentioned above. In advanced cases, failing to install a new NGK oxygen sensor can leave you with a bad catalytic converter. Take our word for it: An NGK oxygen sensor costs a lot less than a new catalyst. Plus each NGK oxygen sensor comes with the correct factory fittings and is fully tested to ensure easy installation and complete reliability. So get back your gas mileage and protect your catalytic converter. Install a new NGK oxygen sensor on your car or truck today.