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Most people think they're negligible, but can you imagine how various parts of your vehicle will function without hoses? These parts may be but simple rubber passages, but they play a major role in keeping the condition of certain parts good and in maintaining their operation efficient. And when damaged, these hoses can cause havoc. You don't want any hose-related problem in your ride, so equip your vehicle only with high-quality hoses from Nichirin.

This company has been specializing in rubber materials ever since it was founded in 1914. It has already changed from one name to another, but its specialty remains. Given this, you can expect the company to deliver only the best rubber hoses in the industry. It boasts of different certifications (ISO9001, QS9000, and ISO14001, among others), and it has also grown to expand in various other countries: from Japan to the US, Canada, UK, and many other countries around the world. The hoses from Nichirin also cover different applications, ranging from automotive and motorcycles to residential.

In the automotive industry, among the products from the brand are its Nichirin power steering hose, Nichirin clutch hose, brake hose, AC hose, and other auxiliary hoses. All hoses from the company have an advanced design. While most are made from high-quality rubber, other tough materials like aluminum are also being used. These hoses are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures and high pressures, perfect for use even in high-pressure set ups. They can also withstand vibrations in their working environment without buckling down.