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Your floor mat doesn't do you much good if you can't clean it. That's why Nifty Floor Mats use stain-resistant carpeting with special coatings in their manufacture. The coatings make it easier for you to remove your Nifty Floor Mats and hose off any dirt or mud. And, plenty of dirt and mud is exactly what your Nifty Floor Mats will accumulate due to their molded rubber backing that first your vehicle's floor perfectly, trapping all kinds of debris in its moisture barrier. That ensures your carpeting and floor stays clean and dry without having to use ugly rubber floor mats. Nifty Floor Mats are made of OE style nylon carpet that looks good while it protects. An electrically welded heel pad protects your Nifty Floor Mat at the high-wear area under the pedals. There's also a special snap fastener system to keep it at in place at all times. You don't have to make your vehicle's interior look shabby just to keep your carpet clean. Nifty Floor Mats can help your vehicle stay clean without looking like you're trying to keep it clean.
The Nifty Cargo Logic System is just the thing if you love bringing things home in your SUV or wagon, but don't enjoy figuring out how to secure odd-shaped objects. The thermoplastic pad keeps your cargo area free of dirt, water, mud and snow, but a special carpet on your Nifty Cargo Logic System is a soft, Velcro-style surface with L-shaped Cargo Loks, which act as small walls you can put around your cargo. With the Cargo Loks rough Velcro bottoms, you can firmly adhere them anywhere on your Nifty Cargo Logic System. It also has a raised lip so any spills are contained. And, the Nifty Cargo Logic System is fully washable in the event of a nasty spill.
A Nifty Cargo Liner is a polymer tray that's custom-molded to perfectly fit the back of your SUV or wagon. It's impervious to gas, oil, acids, or nearly any other chemical you might carry. The Nifty Cargo Liner has high sides to contain spills and a nibbed backer to hold it in place. It completely covers the expensive carpet and upholstery in the back of your vehicle. To get your Nifty Cargo Liner clean, all you have to do is hose it off or wipe it down. Its tough surface isn't fazed by dog claws or sharp objects, and the textured finish will keep bags and bowls in their place.
Nifty products are the best way to protect your vehicle, no matter what you're hauling around.