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Nissan Altima Brake Disc and Pad Kit

Tips to Retain the Top Performance of Your Nissan Altima Brake Disc and Pad Kit

Your Nissan Altima brake disc and pad kit gives your braking system the maximum efficiency to slow down your vehicle or bring it to a safe stop when you step on the brakes. It is achieved by generating friction between the brake disc and the pads' friction material. To keep them efficient, you need to maintain their surface area, making sure that they are always capable of creating friction whenever they come in contact with each other. Here are helpful tips to keep your brake disc and pad kit functioning properly:

  • Keep your brake fluid clean through the bleeding process.

You must inspect your brake fluid to see if it is still in appropriate amount, and is still free from contaminants. Your brake fluid is very essential because once you step on your brakes, it is triggered to circulate on your braking system. This allows the caliper to move your brake pads and rotor to press against each other. So for this matter, you must bleed your brake lines if necessary. This process involves draining the old fluid out of the system, and filling it out with a fresh and new one.

  • Prevent too much heat from settling on your brake disc and pad kit.

Brake fade is one of the most common problems that your brake disc and pad kit can encounter. This situation can be dangerous for your vehicle because friction is needed by these braking components. For this matter, you must not let your brakes exert too much force if necessary. Give your brake disc and pad kit enough time to cool down after using them because these components can generate a lot of heat. Moreover, allow the internal vanes of your brake disc to provide air in regulating your disc to keep its optimum working temperature. This can enable your brake disc to press against your brake pads with enough friction.

  • Use a brake cleaner to keep your brake disc and pad kit free from contaminants.

You can also maintain the proper functioning of your brake disc and pad kit through keeping them clean. You can use a brake cleaner at least once a month to remove oil, dirt, and other particles from these components. In addition, it can allow you to have a deeper inspection of these braking components.

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  • Knowing the Culprits behind the Problems of Your Nissan Altima Brake Disc and Pad Kit

    A mid-size car that is equipped with a durable braking system, you won't have any problem bringing your Nissan Altima to a complete stop. Its brakes come with durable brake discs and pads working together to slow down or regulate the stopping movement of your vehicle. However, they can malfunction because of several reasons. Here are the common signs you can look for to determine the problems of your Nissan Altima brake disc and pad kit:

    Screeching noise

    If you hear screeching noise when you apply on the brakes, the usual cause of that is rust. When your vehicle becomes soaked in water for quite some time, moisture can accumulate on your brake disc. This can cause rust to form, which can produce the screeching noise once your brake disc presses against your brake pads. If the rust is totally rubbed off because of their friction, the sound can stop. However, if it does not cease, you should have a deeper inspection because they might be subject to repair or replacement. In addition, this noise can also be caused by a worn out shim of your brake pads. This shim serves as the material that aligns the pads. So if it is worn out, it can cause the looseness of your brake pads. As a result, the loose edges of your brake pads can cause the noise to be produced.

    Uncontrolled pulling to one side of the road

    If your vehicle tends to move uncontrollably to one side of the road when you stepped on the brakes, this is a sign of worn-out brake pads. If not maintained properly or the brakes are still constantly used over time, your brake pads can be subject to replacement. This problem can also be caused by a misaligned brake disc. If the hub or the middle point of your brake disc is not properly positioned, your brake disc will not be fitted firmly on the assembly. As a result, its edges will move loosely, and will not be able to make proper contact with your brake pads.

    Brake fade

    This is the situation in which your brakes cannot provide enough friction to slow your vehicle down especially in slopes. If you go down on this type of road, your brake disc and pad kit use too much heat to slow your vehicle down. Because of too much heat, they cannot have enough time to cool down, so their friction becomes reduced. After some time of letting your brakes go back to their normal operating temperature, they can return to their smooth function.