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Nissan Altima Bumper Cover

How to Maintain and Extend the Lifespan of Your Nissan Altima Bumper Cover

The Nissan Altima delivers a more efficient take on driving pleasure. But as much as you want to enjoy its amazing acceleration, refined handling, and efficient performance, you also have to drive carefully and be on the lookout for road hazards, deep potholes, and other irregularities on the road surface that could possibly damage your bumper when you hit them. Even if the impact isn't that strong to smash your Nissan Altima bumper cover, these road hazards can cause damage to the said component in one way or another.

If you want to save yourself from the hassles and headaches of having a dented, scratched, or seriously damaged bumper cover, you have to keep in mind these simple tips:

  • Avoid driving off the beaten path and in flooded streets.

While it's obvious your Altima sedan isn't for off-roading, there will be times when you'll just be surprised of how desolate the road to your destination is. So before saying yes for a drive to an unfamiliar place, find out first the condition of the roads going to that area. Ask someone who has been there, so you'll know what to expect. If you found out that one of the routes to your destination will lead you to rough roads, save your ride from possible beatings by looking for alternative routes. You see, flooded roadways and bumpy terrains have many surprises and most of them pose a threat of damaging some components of your Altima, including its bumper.

  • Don't overlook your bumper cover when doing your regular car wash.

Of course, it always pays to keep the bumper cover clean. So during your regular car wash, make it a point to hose off the dirt accumulated on the bumper and scrub it with a sponge soaked in soapy or car shampoo solution. Pay attention to the underside of the bumper cover as it is the portion nearest to the ground and hence, more prone to dirt accumulation.

  • Regularly check your bumper cover for damage and do some quick fixes if there's any.

When washing and wiping it dry, take the chance to carefully inspect the bumper cover for scratches, dents, and other types of damage. If you find any, provide it with the necessary quick fix to prevent the damage from becoming more serious, and thus, more difficult to repair.

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  • Some Pre-Installation Tips for Your New Nissan Altima Bumper Cover

    With its Infiniti-inspired design cues inside and out, the Nissan Altima is, undoubtedly, one heck of a midsize sedan. Its sleek and gorgeous looks sure do any owner proud. So when you're thinking of replacing your Nissan Altima bumper cover to further improve the car's appearance or to replace your stock that has been seriously damaged during a road mishap, make sure that you do the installation properly. Otherwise, you'll just end up mounting on something that could just detract from your sedan's charm and beauty.

    Should you decide to install your new bumper cover all by yourself, here are some pre-installation tips that you should bear in mind for you to pull off this DIY project faster and easier:

    Tip #1: Make sure to order a bumper cover that's vehicle specific.

    The best way to ensure hassle-free and speedy installation is to get a bumper that's tailor-made to the specifications of your Nissan Altima. If you're not a fan of modified bumpers, you can go for an exact replacement of your stock to achieve a perfect fit. This will greatly cut down the time and effort needed for installation as an exact replacement no longer requires modification or cutting. Also, its mounting holes sure match the ones in your ride, thus eliminating the need to drill additional mounting holes to accommodate the hardware.

    Tip #2: Check your new bumper cover for damage.

    Once your new bumper cover has arrived at your doorsteps, check it for shipping damage. It must be free of dents, paint chips, and visible scratches. Also make sure that the hardware comes complete. By doing this a few days before your scheduled installation, you'll still have time to contact the merchant and return the product for replacement should there be a problem.

    Tip #3: Ask someone to help you through the installation.

    The bumper cover isn't something you can carry with just one hand, so installing this all by yourself will be kind of a real struggle for you. If you don't want to end up scratching or denting your bumper cover while on the process of installing it, have an assistant that will hold it for you while you're aligning and securing it in place. Besides avoiding surface damage, having someone to assist you through the installation will save you from alignment problems as well as from other issues like loose or improperly installed hardware.