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Nissan Altima Fender

Nissan Altima Fender Troubleshooting

Your fender is more than just a vehicle ornament; it actually plays a very important role when it comes to preserving the condition of your ride. Your fenders help keep tire-flung debris from damaging your ride's paint job. They also help catch mud, pebbles, and snow before they do damage to other vehicles, or worse, innocent by-standers. Having a fender that's in great condition is also a superb way of ensuring that your vehicle looks great. The trouble is that your fender could become damaged for a number of reasons-surely the term fender bender comes to mind. So here are some helpful troubleshooting tips for when dealing with your Nissan Altima Fender:

  • Burnt rubber smell
  • That stench of burnt rubber you're smelling can come from a number of auto problems, but one of the easiest places to check would be under your fenders. If your fender is damaged, then it could rub against your tires, causing that horrendous smell. This unwanted friction can also occur in the event that you have newly installed suspension gear that doesn't give your tire and fender enough distance between each other.

  • Banged up fender
  • This type of fender problem can easily be detected; just take a look at your fender and you'll know what its condition is. Now, the common nick and scratch is nothing to get worried about; even dents can easily be hammered back to proper form. However, if your fender has cracks-due maybe to old age or a road accident-then you'll want to have it sealed up or have your fender replaced all together.

  • Rust
  • The accumulation of fender rust will definitely make your ride look unsightly, especially if your fender develops rust holes. In addition to that, corrosion can severely diminish your fender's capacity to serve its purpose properly. There are a few methods of getting rid of rust or sealing up rust holes; but if the condition of your fender is too severe, then you may want to opt for a replacement.

  • Loose screws
  • Your fender is held in place using a number of screws. These screws can become damaged or even loosen over time. When this happens, the fender could hang loose, which would damage it more and could lead to unwanted tire-to-fender friction.

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  • Maintenance Tips for Your Nissan Altima Fender

    Keeping your fender well maintained can go a long way. First of all, a fender that's cared for can really accentuate the overall look of a vehicle. A banged-up one, on the other hand, can really make the entire ride look like a mess. In addition to that, the fender is designed to protect your vehicle's paint job against tire-launched debris. By-standers and other vehicles also benefit from your fenders, which catch mud, snow, dirt, and the like. So make sure you take better care of your Nissan Altima fender using these helpful maintenance tips.

    Check the fender's screws

    Your fender is attached to your ride through the use of several screws. Over time, these screws can come loose, become damaged, or go missing. With this in mind, you should check your fender screws on a regular basis and tighten them when you notice them coming loose. If ever the screws are missing or damaged, then have them replaced right away in order to sustain you fender's functionality.

    Clean them inside and out

    Cleaning the outside of your fender should be easy enough; all you need to do is spray on a fender chemical cleaner, which can be found in automotive supply stores. The same goes for the inside of your fender; you'll just have to be more thorough in cleaning the hard-to-get-to corners. By cleaning your inner wheel well, you get rid of accumulated gunk that could bog down the condition of your fender.

    Remove rust

    For really nasty rust spots on your fender, you'll want to remove the paint and primer around the rusted area using a sanding wheel. Then you smoothen over the rusted area using a metal grinding wheel. Sandpaper away excess rust and use Bondo to even out some of the dents and fill the space where the paint was removed. Afterwards, paint over the repaired spot and you're ride will be as good as new.

    Prevent rust

    There are a number of methods of preventing the buildup of rust on your fender. One way is to wax the inside of the fender after it's thoroughly cleaned. Another rust-prevention technique would be the application of rubberized spray undercoating; the risk with this, however, is that if water gets through it, it may not dry out.