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Nissan Armada Cabin Air Filter

Nissan Armada Cabin Air Filter: Usual Problems and How to Solve Them

One of the most important parts installed in your Nissan Armada is the cabin air filter. Typically made from high-grade paper, this part keeps the air that you breathe while inside the vehicle clean and fresh. Unfortunately, after a few thousand miles, this filter becomes dirty or damaged. As a result, you may experience troubles that may seriously compromise your vehicle's air-conditioning and/or heating system. Read on to know some of these common problems and some simple tricks on how you can solve them.

Higher cabin temperatures

If the weather is too hot, your first solution will be to turn on the air-conditioning system. Unfortunately, if your Nissan Armada cabin air filter is too dirty, your AC will not work properly because of the restricted airflow. So, if you want your air conditioner to run smoothly every time you turn it on, then you'd better replace your cabin air filter every 12,000 miles or so. In case you don't have enough money to purchase a new one, then you can try cleaning your vehicle's filter. Just keep in mind that this part has to be replaced eventually for optimum performance.

Musty odor

The cabin air filter of your Nissan Armada is designed to trap pollen, bugs, and other contaminants from entering the air-conditioning system. If you smell something musty while inside the vehicle, then you'd better check this part immediately. Usually, once the cabin air filter becomes too dirty or clogged, it has to be replaced, and not cleaned, to avoid long-term problems. You can do this by changing the filter behind the glove box. However, make sure that the new air filter you are going to use is designed to fit your vehicle.

Poor heater performance

Another problem that you may encounter with your vehicle's cabin air filter is having a weak heater. If your Armada's air filter is clogged, the heater will have to work harder to generate the same amount of warm air that it can produce with a clean air filter. As such, your vehicle will feel unusually cold, especially during the cold season. To avoid this, you must install a new cabin air filter whenever the old one becomes too dirty or every six months.

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  • Simple Tips to Make Your Cabin Air Filter Last 27 February 2013

    Keeping your cabin air filter in good condition is very important to avoid damaging the different parts of your Nissan Armada. However, this can't be done by simply taking your vehicle to a service center. Listed below are some tips on how you can take care of your cabin air filter at home.

    Clean your cabin air filter regularly.

    Your Nissan Armada cabin air filter traps dirt, pollen, and other kinds of debris that may contaminate the air that flows into the passenger compartment. But because of its purpose, this filter eventually becomes too dirty and clogged. Once this happens, the performance of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems will be compromised. To avoid HVAC-related problems, you must clean your cabin air filter regularly. You can do this by washing it with a mild soap if it is a carbon filter or vacuuming it if it is a paper filter. Afterwards, make sure that you will let it dry for a few hours to avoid damaging the other parts of your vehicle.

    Inspect the cleanliness of your Armada's cabin air filter.

    Considering that a cabin air filter will cause problems once it becomes too dirty, you must inspect its cleanliness regularly. By doing so, you will prevent various problems such as poor overall performance and faulty HVAC components. In case the filter is too dirty, it will be best if you will just replace it especially if it is a paper type.

    Keep your vehicle's glove compartment dust-free.

    One way to make sure that your cabin air filter will last for a long time is by keeping your glove compartment as clean as possible. Sometimes, the dust and other debris that build up in this compartment find their way to the filter. As a result, the filter gets clogged easily.

    Avoid shaking the cabin air filter when uninstalling it.

    Before replacing or cleaning your Armada's cabin air filter, you need to uninstall it. However, make sure that you will not shake it too much if you're still inside the vehicle because doing so will spread dirt all over the seats and mats. What's more, do this in a well-ventilated place to avoid inhaling too much dust.