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Nissan D21 Door Handle

How to Troubleshoot Nissan D21 Door Handle Problems

The Nissan D21 door handle allows you to get in and out of your truck with ease. It's a small contraption, but a very significant one nonetheless. The door handle does a lot more than simply allowing easy entrance to and exit from a vehicle-it helps you get out of your truck quickly during an emergency. Like many other automobile mechanisms, a door handle can malfunction. When it does, getting in and out of your vehicle will be a huge feat. Here are some of the issues most drivers encounter with a Nissan D21 door handle:

Broken door handle

Automotive door handles take a lot of beating from everyday use. If you apply too much force in opening the door of your automobile, the door handle would most likely break from the pressure. Plastic door handles are especially flimsy and could break unexpectedly even with the slightest force applied.

The cold climate can also make automotive door handles brittle-try opening your truck's door on a cold winter day, and you'll find it a challenge doing so. If the car door handle is frozen hard, opening it right away may not be a good idea. Try heating it up first with a blow dryer. That should make opening your vehicle's door a lot easier.

Stuck door handle

Your truck's door handle can be stuck when there's a rust buildup on the door latch. Rainwater that gets through the doorjamb brings corrosion to the latch, making it a challenge to manipulate the door handle with ease. A rust remover can remove the corrosion on the door latch. Once all the rust has been removed, you need to apply lubricant to the latch in order to prevent corrosion from building up again. It also helps get rid of the squeaking sound that you normally hear upon opening the door handle.

On other occasions, the problem could be due to a bent latch. In this case, it's nearly impossible to be able to open the door easily. You need to replace the latch so that you can operate the door handle with ease.

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