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Nissan Exhaust System

The exhaust system refers to the mechanism which expels the burnt gases from an internal combustion engine. In automobiles, mufflers do the job of reducing noise emission. The catalytic converter then keeps air pollution to a minimum. A well-designed automobile exhaust system is essential for good vehicle performance, and to maintain peak performance, an intact exhaust is also essential. Exhaust products bring life into cars by making them run properly, bringing them back to their full glory. Although many people tend to neglect this, the exhaust is one of the most important parts of a car because it carries harmful exhaust gases away from the passenger compartment and turns them into otherwise acceptable by-products.

The safety and smooth performance offered by Nissan cars is due to its properly functioning exhaust system. Larger pipes, a less restrictive muffler and aluminized or stainless construction make a Nissan exhaust deliver. The Nissan exhaust system is comprised of the exhaust manifold from which hot gases flow. Passing through the front or header pipe and into a catalytic converter, they are changed. They then flow through another pipe and into the muffler. Finally they flow out the tail pipe and into the exhaust hangers which support the exhaust system under the vehicle. To ensure better performance, supporting the system are the exhaust gasket, the catalytic converter gasket, the tailpipe extension, the exhaust tips, the exhaust fans, the exhaust tubing and numerous more.
A polished, aluminum-finished sport muffler for Nissans is recommended for a throaty, high-performance sound. It also delivers improved horsepower due to higher output. Dual exhaust exits separated by more than a foot in the rear fascia of the Nissan is also one of the improvements installed by Nissan manufacturers on their latest models. This innovation is far removed from other exhaust exits made for other Nissan models before.

Nowadays, Nissan is working on technological improvements that would allow clean air combustion. This involves the development of a catalyst that would allow clean exhaust emissions, making the car environment and health friendly. For a car part most neglected yet as essential as all the others, this is a great step towards real technological advancement.

What makes the Nissan exhaust really special? It is the fact that it is one of the few car parts manufactured with the welfare of the passengers in mind. This, as well as the performance level that it offers, should make it all the more essential as one of the many parts that make cars as great as they are.

  • Closer Look at Nissan Exhaust System

    The Nissan exhaust system is important to your vehicle in a great number of ways. The smooth and efficient emission of exhaust gasses helps the vehicle to perform at its best. The proper function of the Nissan exhaust system helps to prevent environmental pollution, keeping the harmful chemicals emitted by the vehicle at the lowest possible level. The Nissan exhaust system is composed of a number of components, beginning with the exhaust valves in the engine itself. The exhaust valve emits a burst of exhaust gasses, produced by combustion in the engine. These gasses travel from the valve into the Nissan exhaust manifold, or headers, depending upon which the vehicle is equipped with. From this point, they are channeled into the Nissan exhaust pipe to travel through the catalytic converter, where toxic chemicals are sifted out, then to the muffler to reduce the noise, and out the vehicle tailpipe. If the Nissan exhaust system is not functioning properly, a number of vehicle performance problems can result. Backpressure can become a problem with an inefficient Nissan exhaust system, causing decreased engine power. If the Nissan exhaust system is blocked at any point, such as a clogged catalytic converter, the vehicle can run rough, and produce excess emissions. The muffler can fail, affecting the vehicle performance, and producing an unacceptable level of noise. We carry a selection of Nissan exhaust system replacement parts at great low prices in our online catalog. Our live help, available on our site, will be happy to assist you if you need help choosing the right Nissan exhaust parts to fit your vehicle. Our secure site makes ordering your Nissan exhaust parts safe and easy, or our toll-free number can take your order just as conveniently.