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Nissan Frontier Bug Shield

Three Easy Tips to Keep Your Nissan Frontier Bug Shield in Excellent Condition

Keeping suicidal bugs away from your Nissan Frontier is the main purpose of your bug shield. This canny accessory changes the air flow over the front of your truck, deflecting bugs and small debris away from your windshield. Because it's mounted over the truck's hood, it's a part of your vehicle that people will most likely see first. This is why it's important that you keep it looking like new. Check out some of these maintenance tips for your Nissan Frontier bug shield:

  • Keep it spick and span.

Keeping your bug shield clean not only makes it look better, but it also lengthens its life. Always bear in mind that dirt is abrasive, no matter how big or small it is. If you let it sit over your bug shield for a long time, it will eventually damage its protective finish and lessen its durability. It won't take you a lot to give a little extra attention to your bug shield whenever you're cleaning your truck.

  • Use the proper cleaning supplies and methods.

Bug shields are made from plastic materials, which make them susceptible to fading and discoloration. To prevent yours from looking dull and aged, be mindful of the cleaning products that you use. Never use cleaners that contain petroleum, ammonia, and bleach. There's no need to use such harsh chemicals, a simple mix of mild soap and water will get the job done. You should also avoid abrasive cleaning pads unless you want to have scratches and swirl marks all over your bug shield's surface.

Keeping your bug shield clean doesn't end with merely washing it; you also need to maintain its fresh condition even while you're on the road. To do this, you need to polish your bug shield regularly. This prevents dust and dirt from easily sticking onto its surface and keeps it gleaming as well.

  • Fix damage as soon as possible.

Have you been seeing cracks on your truck's bug shield? If so, get your repair tools ready and tend to it immediately. Although made from pliable plastic materials, a bug shield can still break if put under too much stress. Fix broken areas by simply applying acrylic solvent cement over it. Apply the adhesive sparingly while working on small areas at a time. Let it cure for about 24 hours before you take your truck out for an adventure again.

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  • Nissan Frontier Bug Shield Installation: Two Important Things to Keep in Mind

    Have you ever tried driving your Nissan Frontier at night only to come home with a windshield full of splattered bugs? Cleaning off bug carcasses all over your windshield is a very disgusting experience. Fortunately, you can actually prevent this from happening by getting your truck a bug shield. As the name implies, a bug shield protects your vehicle from insects. Moreover, because of the little physics trick that this accessory capably performs, it's also useful for deflecting pebbles and other road debris away from your windshield. It doesn't just make your truck clean, it increases ride safety as well.

    Compared to other car modifications, installing your bug shield is a relatively easy process. You're not required to possess advanced mechanical skills and no fancy tools are needed as well. With just a few basic hand tools and some of the installation tips below, mounting your Nissan Frontier bug shield will be done in no time:

    Tip #1: Wash the hood of your Nissan Frontier first.

    Keep in mind that every accessory installation done over your truck's exterior should always be started by cleaning the mounting surface first. Although this may not be a definite rule, it's still a wise move to make. If you think that it's not important for the vehicle's hood to be clean before mounting the bug shield, you're wrong. Most bug shield come with adhesive tapes that are used to hold it in place before you screw it onto the hood. If the mounting surface is dirty and greasy, the adhesive will not stick on the surface. To prevent any installation problems, simply wash your vehicle's hood with car soap and water and make sure to dry if off sufficiently.

    Tip #2: Determine the correct mounting location of the bug shield.

    Determining where to put your bug shield beforehand keeps you from making guesses on its exact mounting location, decreasing the chances of installation mistakes. Place your bug shield over the hood of your Nissan Frontier and start making the necessary measurements. Make sure that it's positioned at the center of your truck's hood. Once you're satisfied with its location, draw placement lines on each side of the hood as a guide. Reading the installation manual of your bug shield can also help you determine its exact mounting location.