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Nissan Frontier Mirror

The Typical Signs of a Problematic Nissan Frontier Mirror

The Nissan Frontier mirror helps you maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. However, since the mirror is mounted on the door of the vehicle, it may be easily damaged by anything that hits it. Aside from that, the effects of the changing weather can also contribute to its malfunction. If you notice that the side mirror of your pickup truck is already showing signs of wearing down, you should do some troubleshooting immediately. Listed below are some of the common problems you could encounter:

Electric side mirror not working

If your electric Nissan Frontier mirror is not functioning, the first thing you should check is the mirror's fuse. If you're uncertain where the fuse is located, you should refer to your car owner manual. When you have determined its location, you should inspect the fuse if it's already blown and needs to be replaced. However, if the fuse is good, then the problem may come from the window's switch and motor. Removing these parts is a bit tricky so take extra precaution when you inspect them by yourself. Otherwise, you should have a qualified service mechanic check the part.

Side mirror discoloration

When you notice that the side mirror of your pickup truck suddenly turns dim and a brownish liquid at the bottom of the mirror's glass appeared, it can be caused by a leaking motor gear box. The brownish liquid might be the oil from the gear box which started to leak. This problem occurs mostly on mirrors with auto-dimming feature. When this happens, you can look for a new motor gear box or replace the entire side mirror. Although it is easier to look for a new side mirror, it can be more expensive.

Shaking and rattling side mirror

A rattling and shaking side mirror can pose serious danger because the objects you see on the mirror become blurry. You can try and remove the glass of the side mirror to see what's happening behind it. To remove the glass, simply angle it upwards and pull it from the bottom. With the mirror mechanism now visible, check if the screws need to be tightened because this may cause the vibration. Inspect the parts if they are still in good condition.

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  • Nissan Frontier Mirror: View a Safer Road with These Cleaning Tricks

    Your Nissan Frontier mirror is prone to dirt and damage because it is mounted outside your pickup truck. Aside from that, the ever-changing weather from high to low temperatures can also take its toll on the mirror. To maximize its service life and to keep it in good condition any day of the year, here are some maintenance tips you could perform in your garage:

    Remove the impurities on the mirror's surface.

    To keep your Nissan Frontier mirror free from water spots caused by hard rain water, you can clean it using a bowl of white vinegar and a lint-free cloth. Remember to wipe the mirror in a circular motion until you have covered the entire surface. You can use a car scratch remover and a clean rag to polish the mirror afterwards.

    Inspect the mirror at least once a year.

    Another way to keep the side mirror of your pickup truck working efficiently is by checking the condition of its parts at least once a year. When you do this, make sure that you have special tools for removing the mirror of your vehicle. Don't attempt to use other tools that may distort or damage the parts. You should also check the mirror's housing if dirt has accumulated inside it. You can simply wipe it off with a clean rag.

    Check your electric mirror if it has good voltage.

    A good preventive maintenance for your truck's electric mirror is by checking its voltage. But before that, you should first check the mirror's fuse for corrosion. You also need to inspect the wiring between the mirror and the fuse panel for broken or damaged wires. When everything is good, you can now use your multimeter to test the voltage of your electric mirror. The multimeter should read consistently to show that there's good voltage.

    Make sure that the mirror's switch is working properly.

    Aside from the wires and parts of the mirror, you should also check the switch if it's working properly. You have to check if the connection between the mirror and the switch is free from dirt. You should also inspect if the switch is responding correctly while you adjust the mirror.