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Nissan Frontier Window Visor

Helpful Maintenance Tips for the Nissan Frontier Window Visor

Although window visors for the Nissan Frontier are often marketed as being made of tough polycarbonate or ABS plastic, which makes them high resilient to wear and damage, they do require maintenance every now and then. Proper care of your Nintendo Frontier's accessories is essential in ensuring that they remain in top condition for many years, and the window visor is not an exception to this. In this guide, we'll share some tips you might find helpful in maintaining your Nissan Frontier window visor.

  • Fix scratches.

Although window visors are now more resistant to cracks, scratches or scuffs still remain a common problem. Thankfully, superficial scratches can easily be fixed by using commercial scratch removal kits. Even scratches that leave deeper marks on the surface can also be remedied by sanding the affected area, polishing it with a buffer, and spraying a coat of clear paint over it.

  • Do not lean on or place heavy objects on the visor.

The window visors are not designed to support weight and will eventually crack once sufficient weight is placed upon them. So think twice before leaning back on the car door

  • Keep an eye out for loose parts.

The adhesive backing of window visors tends to weaken over time, especially if dirt and moisture seeps through the tape. This will eventually cause the visor to sag and hitting or preventing the window glass from opening. Even worse, the visor might even fall off while you drive.

If you notice any part of the window visor to sag or loose, check the adhesive tape immediately. Replacing the tape with a new one almost always fixes the problem, although you must clean the surface of any dirt and tape residue to prevent the tape from coming off.

  • Restore faded window visors.

Constant exposure to UV rays from sunlight causes the plastic surface of the window visors to deteriorate, resulting in a cloudy appearance that cannot be fixed by washing. Instead, try scrubbing the visor with toothpaste. The abrasive chemicals in toothpaste that help white teeth can also help clear up faded plastic surfaces. Simply scrub the toothpaste on the affected area with a clean cloth and rinse with water once the haze is removed. You can also use the same technique on plastic headlight and tail light lenses.

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  • Tips and Tricks on Installing the Nissan Frontier Window Visor

    A new set of window visors on your Nissan Frontier can give you the freedom of driving on the open road with the windows down without having to worry about gussets of wind, bugs, and rain from entering the passenger cabin. And unlike most car accessories, installing these window visors is not that difficult. Most visors are sold in kits that include all of the parts needed and an instruction manual so you can install one straight out of the box. Here, we have listed down some tips and tricks you might find helpful when installing a Nissan Frontier window visor

    Tip #1: Clean and prepare your windows.

    Window visors are typically affixed on the top edge of car door window frame through one or more strips of industrial strength adhesive tape. The tape requires a clean, dry surface to stick properly, so you will need to clean at least the top edges of the window where the tape will be affixed. Washing the frame with mild detergent and warm water should effectively remove any dust and debris, although we also recommend spraying it with degreaser as well to remove any remaining car wax on the surface.

    Tip #2: Remove adhesive residue with alcohol.

    If your truck has had a window visor installed in the past, make sure that window frames are also free of any bits and pieces of the old tape left over. Like with dust and dirt, this adhesive residue will also prevent the new adhesive tape from sticking properly.

    You can clean tape residue by spraying it with rubbing alcohol. Let the alcohol solution soak into the tape for a minute or two before rubbing it with a piece of cloth. Most window visor kits also include alcohol wipes which you can use for this purpose.

    Tip #3: Once the visors are installed, leave the window glass closed overnight.

    This will help compress the adhesive between the window visor and the window frame, ensuring maximum adhesion as well as prevent the visor from blocking the window glass from opening and closing. If you have difficulty closing the window, push your hands upward against the glass while it is rising.