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Nissan Maxima Parts and Nissan Maxima Accessories

When Nissan introduced the Maxima in 1981, the car was an instant hit with outstanding good looks, sports-car-like performance and incredible handling to boot. Nissan originally designed the Maxima model line to cover a broad "price walk" meaning buyers seeking luxury, performance, or simply a roomy, well-engineered sedan would be able to find a car that suits their tastes and budgets. Over the years, the design was modified to increase interior room and drivability.

Maxima represent comfort in every sense, from a smooth and relaxing ride to the peace of mind that comes from advanced security systems. The Nissan Maxima sedan is the maker of one of the stiffest sources of competition in the full-size sedan class. This vehicle has been around for many years. The Nissan Maxima is meant to be a near luxury midsize sedan with ample power, room, and handling. It has perennially been the top-selling V6 import because it is well balanced when it comes to comfort, luxury and handling which provides a unique character.

The Nissan Maxima parts add to the superior performance of the vehicle. Both interior and exterior parts playsa vital role in the Nissan Maxima performance. But if there's one aspect of the Nissan Maxima that did do well, is its interior. With a classic waterfall dash design, the Maxima's interior not only looks clean and slightly futuristic, but it is user friendly as well. Its exterior is a provocative styling enhanced by a long wheelbase, wide track, and four-chrome exhaust finisher that comes from dual mufflers which proves that high performance is far more than an image for Maxima. Also equipped with 265 horsepower, a 4-wheel independent suspension, an available 6-speed manual transmission, two wide eyes, and one lucky right foot all capture a single exhilarating moment.

For a huge car, the Maxima have a very low cowl. Good-sized mirrors also help visibility. Over-the-shoulder views are superior. The Nissan Maxima has all the refinements expected of a luxury sedan - durable and fully automatic air-conditioning, state-of-the-art UV-blocking and heat-insulating window glass, automatic cruise control, outrageous electrically-power driver's seat, and high-end audio system with six-stack in-dash CD changer. When it comes to safety, Maxima's powerful engine, precise handling, and advanced braking systems helps you keep out from harm while on the road. With these Nissan Maxima parts, you'll surely be satisfied. Again, performance, comfort, styling, and value are the key factors of the Nissan Maxima. These are the core ingredients that put the class-leading Maxima ahead of the field and ahead of its time.