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Nissan Oxygen Sensor

The Nissan oxygen sensor is a sensitive and important part found in the exhaust system, where it needs to be located to perform its tasks, as it works best in higher temperatures. Although the Nissan oxygen sensor is found in the proximity of the exhaust system, it affects the combustion system. Measuring the amount of oxygen in the exhaust, the Nissan oxygen sensor signals the main computer of the vehicle if the percentage of oxygen is too high, which indicates that the air-to-fuel ratio is off, so that the computer can adjust the ratio to produce a more efficient burn. The quality of burn is important not only to making your fuel dollar go further or your engine work more efficiently, but also to the environment. When the fuel is not burned properly, pollutants are released into the environment. The Nissan oxygen sensor helps to prevent this. If the Nissan oxygen sensor should fail, then the main computer is not receiving the information it needs to adjust the air-to-fuel ratio correctly and usually will provide a default ratio that tends to be rich, or fuel heavy. Replacing your Nissan oxygen sensor is not difficult, nor is it expensive. We offer a full selection of Nissan oxygen sensor replacements, covering a broad range of years and models, and you'll easily find the right one for your vehicle. When you're ready to place your Nissan oxygen sensor order you can do so online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number. When your Nissan oxygen sensor arrives, you'll be able to install it easily, with tools that are found in almost any basic home too set.

Nissan Oxygen Sensor Models