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Nissan Pathfinder Bumper Cover

Three Tips to Keep Your Nissan Pathfinder Bumper Cover Clean and Polished

Your Nissan Pathfinder bumper cover is toughly made to serve as a protection for your bumper and for other exterior parts as well. In cases where you encounter collisions, your bumper cover helps the bumper to absorb the impact so the other components are protected from any major damage. In addition, your bumper cover enhances the style of your vehicle because it is customized to fit your Nissan Pathfinder. Thus, you must be aware of how to maintain it, especially since it's an exterior part. Here are some tips to help you clean and refurbish your Nissan Pathfinder bumper cover:

  • Wash your bumper cover thoroughly with the appropriate cleaning materials and substances.

Use a soft bristle brush and a mild cleaning agent for scrubbing the surface of your bumper cover. You can also use lacquer thinner or undiluted vinegar for removing tough stains. Make sure that you avoid scratching the surface while scrubbing. Wash the inner portions of your bumper cover as well so dirt will not accumulate in those areas. Let your bumper cover dry completely afterwards.

  • Use a sandpaper for scrubbing the surface of your bumper cover.

Make use of a sandpaper to smoothen out any rough or bumpy spots on your bumper cover. You can also use it for visible cracks and tears on the surface. You must repeat scrubbing until the surface looks polished. However, be careful not to damage the other painted areas while doing this procedure. It is recommended to attach tape or cloth on the surrounding areas for this procedure.

  • Reapply paint to restore the look of your bumper cover.

In order to refurbish the look of your bumper cover, you can reapply paint on its body. Cover the edges of your bumper cover before spraying so the surrounding areas will not be affected by the paint. You may also use a clear coating after you have finished reapplying the paint for a shinier look. Apply multiple light strokes instead of few heavy strokes to avoid clumps of paint from forming on your bumper cover.

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  • Two Tips for a Successful Installation of Your Nissan Pathfinder Bumper Cover

    Your Nissan Pathfinder has tough features that improve over the years. The bumper cover is one of its remarkable parts since it can be customized to fit your style. It also adds an extra layer of protection for your vehicle's front and rear ends as it helps the bumper to absorb the shock in cases of collisions. It also protects your hood and driving lights from being damaged.

    Since it is an exterior part of your vehicle, the Nissan Pathfinder bumper cover is prone to damage. It can wear out after a long period of time. Thus, you must be aware of the installation process if you need a replacement. You do not need to be a pro to handle the procedure. You can replace your old bumper cover successfully by following these tips:

    Tip #1: Lubricate the bolts of your old bumper cover, and apply coating on the new one.

    You can easily remove the old bumper cover by means of lubricating its bolts with oil. You can also remove the rust by using a wire brush, so there will be no resistance from the bolts for removal. Once you have removed the old bumper cover, it is recommended to apply extra coating to the new one before installing it. This is because your paint job will be more difficult once you apply it to a bumper cover that is already attached. You may scrub the surface of your bumper cover before painting it. The sandpaper can help to smoothen out the surface for a more polished look.

    Tip #2: Make sure that your new bumper cover fits your vehicle's frame.

    Check if your bumper cover fits exactly in the frame of your vehicle. You can ask for assistance when securing the clips of your bumper cover while you hold the bumper into place. Look for the holes in your bumper cover, which are needed in securing the fasteners. Your bumper cover must be exactly aligned with the other panels of your car's exterior. Thus, do not attach the fasteners tightly until you are sure that your bumper cover is positioned in the right place.