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Nissan Pathfinder Fender

Nissan Pathfinder Fender Troubleshooting

The purpose of your Nissan Pathfinder fender is to stop tire-flung debris in their tracks. By-standers, other vehicles, and your own ride's paint job are spared from unwanted damage thanks to your fenders. It's too bad, though, that these auto parts won't last forever. Nevertheless, here are some helpful troubleshooting tips when dealing with your fender:

Burnt rubber smell

Encountering the smell of burnt rubber can be rather worrisome and should call for immediate action. You can check for many components that could bring this smell about, and you may want to start with your fender. If your fender is damaged or loose, then it could rub against the rubber of your tires, producing a smell of burnt rubber. This unwanted contact between tire and fender can also be cause by vehicle modifications that involve lowering the suspension of an auto. In any case, find a way to fix the fender or give it ample distance from the tire.

Loose fender

Your fender is connected to your vehicle using a number of plastic clips. When these clips become worn out or when you get into a minor fender bender, these clips could come loose. You're your fender not properly or securely fastened, it can no longer serve its function and its wear and tear will be hastened. Be sure to reattach your fender to your vehicle when this happens.

Cracked fender

If you've been squeezing your ride into tight areas and narrow parking spots lately, then your fender is bound to be a little banged up. Small scratches and dents are par for the course; however, cracks are a different story. You'll want to remedy any scratches and/ or dents and seal off any cracks. If you're unable to do so, then you should replace your fender right away.


Since your fender is exposed to all kinds of road and weather conditions, it could develop rust. If this rust isn't taken care of, it could corrode the fender, resulting in unsightly rust hole. These holes not only look bad but also impede the reliability of your fender. When this happens, patch up the rust holes or have the fender changed.< /p>

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  • Nissan Pathfinder Fender Maintenance

    Some drivers might take their fenders for granted, but you're not one of those guys. You understand that, thanks to your fenders, your tire-launched debris won't damage your ride or the rides of others. That being said, it's very important that you do all you can in order to properly care for and maintain your fenders. So keep reading for some awesome Nissan Pathfinder fender maintenance tips:

    Prevent rust accumulation.

    To protect your metal fender parts against rust accumulation, apply a rubber coating spray or a BBQ grille-grade textured paint onto them. Doing this should fend off rust for a while. However, regular spray application would be the most ideal means of preventing rust.

    Seal rust holes.

    Unfortunately, sometimes it's too little, too late to prevent rust from destroying your fender. When rust corrodes your fender, it could cause some problematic rust holes. Before these holes become any worse, patch them up. All you need to do is saw off the rusted area and replace it with a replacement piece. Afterwards, smoothen it out and repaint it to give your fender a clean finish.

    Clean the fender.

    Cleaning the fender both inside and out can go a long way. Exterior cleaning leaves your fender and ride looking good, while cleaning the inner portion of your fender maintains its condition. Dirt can accumulate inside the wheel well, under the fender. And during winter, road salts can get stuck there as well, promoting the formation of rust. To ensure that your fender is clean, apply a chemical cleaner to the outer surface of the fender, and use a garden hose to clean out its inner portion.

    Fix cracks and dents

    Every now and then, your fender is going to get some minor scrapes and scratches. Luckily, these can be treated in order to keep your auto looking good. However, cracks and dents may be a bit harder to remedy. Fortunately for you, though, dents can be hammered back into place and cracks can be sealed. Be sure to do this at the first sight of damage. Doing so early on will help prevent fender damage from worsening and will keep it in fighting form for a much longer time.< /p>