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Nissan Pickup Fender

Nissan Pickup Fender: Uncovering the Problems on Its Surface

The fender of your Nissan Pickup is designed to prevent road spray from being thrown around by your car's tire. It also protects the tire from minor collisions or "fender benders." Although the fender is not a vital car part like the engine, fuel tank, or brake pads, it is important to keep it in good condition because it is part of the vehicle's protective exterior. That's why you have to do some troubleshooting when you notice that the fender is already wearing down. Listed below are some issues you might encounter:

Rust accumulating on the fender

Rust is a common problem on any type of vehicle, and the front and rear fenders of your truck are very susceptible to rust because they are on the exterior and they take most of the scrapes and dents. When the underlying metal of the vehicle gets exposed, it will react with the air's moisture and form rust. This type of problem should be treated immediately because rust will spread and can cause great damage. Scrubbing the rusted portion using a wire brush and applying a rust-inhibiting wax is an effective way to prevent damage.

Rough fender surface

Scrapes and scratches can cause your vehicle's fender to become rough. Overspray can also be the culprit of the roughness which is made noticeable by swirls on the fender's surface. To solve this problem, you can simply polish or wax the fender. However, if the fender still feels rough, then you can scrub an automotive compound on the surface. It's a highly effective way of removing the contaminants which may have accumulated.

Fading fender paint

Constant exposure of your vehicle to the sun's UV rays and other harmful elements will cause the paint of the fenders to fade. This can be easily repaired by cleaning the fenders with soap and water and by applying a buffing compound. If the fender still looks dull and faded after you have cleaned and buffed it, then repainting the fender is the best way to make it look new again. You can also use an electric heat gun that can replenish the faded plasticizer of the fender. However, you have to make sure that you know how to use it because it can cause great damage if it's not used correctly.

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  • Tips to Keep the Fender of Your Nissan Pickup in Mint Condition

    If you want to keep your Nissan Pickup looking brand new, you should maintain the vehicle's exterior parts which include the fender. However, the truck's exterior is prone to different elements like dirt, grime, and UV rays and before you knew it, the fender already began to discolor or to be covered by dirt and grime. To prevent this from happening, you can follow these simple fender maintenance tips listed below:

    Paint the plastic fender.

    An effective way to maintain the plastic fender of your pickup truck is by repainting it. You can use sandpaper between 400- to 2000-grit to smoothen the fender's surface effectively. Two to three coats of paint is enough to cover the area evenly, and any type of automotive rubbing compound can be used to polish the fender. You can avoid seams and creases by rubbing the compound in circles.

    Clean the inner fender wells.

    The inner fender wells are just as important as the surface of the fenders. Although the fender wells are not visible, they have to be maintained to ensure that road salt won't result to rust that can affect the fenders' surface. You can clean the inner fender wells by spraying it with water from a hose with a high-pressure nozzle. A special chemical cleaner from automotive supply stores will also help remove dirt and grime effectively.

    Wash the fender regularly.

    A simple advice to keep your vehicle's fender looking brand new is by cleaning it regularly. With a large bucket of water, car soap, and a sponge, you can already do the job in your own garage. Just remember that soap dries fast, so you should clean one side of fender at a time to prevent the soap from drying on the paint.

    Protect your car by covering it.

    A temporary covering for your car is very important especially if you normally park your vehicle outside. You can choose between open or close portable car shelters or fabric car covers. There are different kinds of fabric car covers you can choose from that vary in color, material strength, and price.