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Nissan Sentra Vent Visor

Helpful Tips to Deal With the Common Issues of Your Nissan Sentra Vent Visor

The Nissan Sentra vent visor is a great addition to your car as it deflects rain or wind as you drive at high speeds with open windows. But like all things, your vent visor can get damaged and cause problems. To help you know some of the common problems and the appropriate troubleshooting tips, take note of these:

Scratched window

Having scratches on your windows is a common problem that is associated with in-channel vent visors. This happens every time the top end of the window makes contact with the vent visor. While polishing the scratches will make your window look smooth again, you can't, however, easily fix the layer of tint that peels off from too much friction. If you don't want the top end of the windows on your Sentra to get scratched or damaged in any way, you should install tape-on vent visors on your car instead.

Scuffed visors

If you don't regularly clean your car, your vent visors can get scuffed and form a layer of dirt. Although you would initially think of washing them with soapy water and polishing them to make the visors look good again, keep in mind that these visors are made of soft plastic, so you wouldn't want to sand them and apply too much pressure. You can, however, lightly polish them using an effective polishing compound from auto supply stores. Make sure, though, that this product will not haze your vent visors when exposed to sunlight.

Stains and gunk

A common problem for your tape-on vent visors is the stains and gunk left on your car's surface after you removed the visors. Because the vent visors use strong adhesive to keep them in place, some of its adhesive get left behind and stick out from your well-maintained car like a sore thumb. To remedy this, you have to really exert effort to get rid of them by washing them with soap and warm water and by gently scrubbing the areas involved. If this doesn't work, you can get a good-quality car stain or residue remover from auto supply stores. If you're not sure which to get, you can seek help from your dealer.

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  • Useful Tips to Restore Your Nissan Sentra Vent Visor to Good Condition

    Your Nissan Sentra vent visor can suffer from the everyday wear and tear of driving. It can have scratches and buildups that will make it look dull, worn, and old. To prevent your vent visors from looking like they have been neglected for years, you should follow these simple maintenance tips and start restoring them:

    Paint your vent visors.

    If you've already tried cleaning and polishing your vent visors but you still can't make it look as good as new or at least make it look less dull or scratched, you may just want to consider painting them. Doing this can cover up all the scratches and stains your visors may have acquired overtime. However, you will lose the see-through feature of your vent visors. But if painting over them is your last resort to make them look good, then it may very well be worth the try.

    Polish the surface to make it smooth.

    You can buy a good-quality polishing compound from auto supply stores. Just make sure that the product you're buying won't leave haze on your vent visors when exposed to the sun. Remember that you need to use a microfiber towel when polishing their surface and that you should do it gently to avoid breaking the soft plastic material.

    Stay away from headlight cleaning kits.

    Your friends may have suggested to you to buy a head light cleaning kit and use it to clean your vent visors. If they had, thank them but don't follow that suggestion because the kit involves sanding, which can be too abrasive to actually damage the vent visor. Instead, you can try using simple but effective cleaning compound to get rid of the dirt, grime, and other buildups on your vent visors.

    Wash them with warm soapy water.

    When you're cleaning your car, make sure that you also rub your vent visors to remove any traces of dirt and grime. But remember not to put too much force to avoid breaking them. Cleaning your vent visors regularly will prevent layers of dirt from accumulating on them. Therefore, you won't have a hard time getting rid of the buildups on your vent visors.