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Nissan Titan Brake Disc

Quick and Simple Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Nissan Titan Brake Disc

A properly working brake disc allows you to stop and go whenever you want. Since it's the component responsible for stopping your car, you need to make sure that your Nissan Titan brake disc is in good shape. Together with other parts of the braking system, the brake disc requires adequate maintenance to perform its function.

Here are some ways on how to keep your brake disc in excellent condition:

  • Use a spray-on cleaning solution to cleanse the brake disc.

Since the disc also gets exposed to dirt and dust, you need to clean it regularly. And to eliminate dirt and grime, you need a strong cleaning agent that can break down the contaminants on the brake disc. Just make sure that you choose a product that's safe to use on your car.

Once you have obtained the product, spray some brake cleaner on the disc to remove dirt and grime. This helps in getting back your car's braking performance, since the chemicals that comprise the cleaner are strong enough to fight dirt and grime. Plus, some brake cleaners even provide rust protection for a certain period of time.

  • Get a wire brush and remove rust that has formed on the disc.

Getting rid of corrosion is one tough job. Being metallic, the brake disc is also vulnerable to getting rusty after some time. So when you get the chance to inspect the disc, make sure that you eradicate the rust as soon as you spot them.

Simply grab a wire brush and connect it to a drill. Then brush off the rust that has accumulated on the brake disc. This method prevents the corrosion from spreading to other parts of the brake such as the flanges. Make it a point to check up on the brake disc every now and then to see if there's a buildup of rust that needs to get fixed.

  • Examine the disc regularly.

Prevention is indeed better than cure. To avoid having to deal with brake disc damage, inspect the component on a regular basis. Get under your car and evaluate the disc for signs of damage such as corrosion. Once you verify that the disc has been damaged, consult with a mechanic to see if it can still be fixed or if a replacement is necessary.

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  • Three Hints Indicating a Busted Nissan Titan Brake Disc

    It doesn't require years of expertise to tell if your Nissan Titan brake disc has gone bad. The signs are there as you drive, and you just have to acknowledge them. Given the importance of your brakes, you can't possibly let the brake disc go bad and still take your car out for a ride. To detect a disc that needs to be replaced, here are a few symptoms you need to include in the checklist:

    Steering wheel vibration while braking

    When you notice that there's a vibration in the steering wheel as you step on the brake pedal, then it's probably time to check on your brakes. A normal brake will not produce any type of vibration as you try to make a stop. So if you encounter such an unusual experience, then your brake disc is most likely busted.

    Take the vibration sign into consideration, as this could mean that your brake disc needs to be replaced or professionally machined. Leaving the faulty brakes unattended can lead to bigger issues, and can even put you at a risk of getting into an accident. Once you confirm that you have a bad brake disc, bring your car to your trusted mechanic for repair or replacement.

    Squealing noise when the are applied

    Brake squeal usually occurs when the distance between the brake disc and the brake pads become too little. This is typical when the material on the brake pads have already worn out. It can also be a result of a damaged or corroded brake disc surface.

    If you want to confirm if it's the brake disc that's causing the problem, then check your vehicle's disc. In addition, you may also want to inspect the brake pads and assess if they need to be replaced.

    Drop in braking efficiency

    Without any inspection, a lowered braking performance is a direct indication that your braking system needs attention. Thermal shock loads, for example, can make the brake disc crack and go bad. When this happens, you need to fix the disc immediately, as these cracks reduce the brake disc's capability.

    Since there are no exact measures of how big or small the cracks are before they disorient the brakes, it's important that you change the brake disc even with just a few hairline cracks. This also prevents further damage on the brake system.