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A lot of companies in the past have invested billions of dollars in developing technological advancements that can revolutionize the world of automobiles. Fuel efficiency, maximum horsepower, unparalleled speed, auto detailing, electric vehicles - is there still an area of improvement that automotive companies have yet to discover? Yes, maybe there's more. As long as there are still geniuses who tinker and play around with cars, there's a huge possibility that something might still be innovated one day. Back in 1978, a simple small town guy named Mike Wood tinkered around with his car using a nitrous kit. He experimented with the nitrous oxide element and found it could give his vehicle tremendous power. Soon after, Nitrous Express was born.

A few years after his discovery, Mike found himself swamped with requests to produce a reliable nitrous oxide system that won't backfire or pop in the combustion chamber. The process was difficult, and it had to undergo a few trial and errors, but Mike and his team worked hard. Today, the Nitrous Express nitrous system is widely used by most car owners who want an extra boost of power to their engine. Most race cars install the nitrous oxide injection system in their engine because it can greatly increase the horsepower of their rides. Nitrous oxide allows around 33% of oxygen saturation, and this allows your engine to burn even more fuel than it normally would.

Although the injection of nitrous into the car's cylinders can skyrocket the horsepower of your vehicle, it also raises a lot of reliability concerns. With such an intense amount of power packed in your engine, wouldn't the engine fall and collapse under great stress? The system may have its downside, like cracked combustion components, including your crankshaft and pistons. But that won't happen if you use Nitrous Express because each NX component goes through rigorous evaluation and testing process first before being delivered to distributors.