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Nitrous System

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Thank God for nitrous oxide. These days, all a driver needs to get extra horsepower from the engine is to pack a nitrous system. Breaking it down to basics, such a system works like a splurge of adrenaline rushing through your body when faced with an emergency. A chemist would tell you that when the nitrous oxide is heated to a high temperature, the oxide's nitrogen and oxygen atoms split from each other. This gives the engine more oxygen to burn. A mechanic or auto enthusiast would tell you, more simply, that the nitrous system adds oxygen to the engine. And with more oxygen, your car's engine can burn more fuel. The bottom line is more horsepower when you want or need it. A nitrous system can give a vehicle power surges that can thrill any speed demon. Not only that! Using nitrous oxide in your vehicle also lowers the temperature of intake air. If you want a shot at it, Carparts may be able to help you.

• Provides you with as much as 250 horsepower gain

• Comes with an empty 10-lb bottle

• Includes all hardware needed for installation