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Nitrous Oxide Systems, or NOS, showed the world how to effectively harness the power of nitrous oxide in automobiles in the 1970's. NOS has now powered more racers than any other brand, and when you're looking to go fast, rely on the NOS Nitrous Oxide System to deliver the most power for your dollar. The Top Shot NOS Nitrous Oxide System is the easiest NOS kit to install. It can also be concealed within the air cleaner assembly. The nitrous and fuel mixture is simply injected directly down in the top of the carburetor. The injector nozzle slides over the carburetor/air filter stud without having to remove the carb. The Top Shot NOS Nitrous Oxide System uses adjustable nitrous and fuel flare jets to produce impressive power gains from 75 to 150 horsepower for stock or modified performers with complete reliability. The Top Shot NOS Nitrous Oxide System comes with jets for 100-150 horsepower.
The NOS Sportsman Fogger Nitrous Oxide System offers superior atomization and tuning by injecting precisely measured amounts of Nitrous into each port with patented Fogger Nozzles. Power levels are adjustable by changing nitrous and jets in each Fogger Nozzle. The latest in solenoid technology allows for extreme reliability with jetting adjustability ranging from a gain of 50 to 150 horsepower. All Sportsman Fogger Systems include a 10 pound capacity NOS Bottle, Powershot nitrous and solenoids, Fogger Nozzles, aircraft-quality steel braided hose and everything else you'll need in electrical and mounting hardware for a complete installation.
You can always use a spare NOS Bottle-that way, you'll always have a full bottle ready to go. The NOS Bottle is available in a wide variety of sizes. All NOS Bottles are made from aluminum alloy, are DOT approved and come with bottle valves. If you want the ultimate in appearance, many NOS Bottles are available fully polished.
The NOS Remote Bottle Controls are a perfect add-on convenience accessory to turn your NOS Bottle on and off. A simple flick of the switch eliminated the chore of opening the truck to your bottle on and off. It operates in 12 volts DC and will fit 5 pound or larger nitrous bottles. All remote bottle controls come complete with the necessary hardware, wiring and easy-to-follow installation instructions. They also have an NOS-exclusive, low profile design that fit all the NOS 5 pound and larger bottle valves and a top quality NOS blue anodized finish.

NOS Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right NOS Product, For the Right Job

    The first manufacturer of Nitrous Oxide systems, Holley has been perfecting the technology for 35 years

    NOS offers the largest selection of nitrous adapters to fit just about any vehicle

    Each product has a detailed instruction sheet to ensure you do the job right

    With the increased temperature and tolerances involved in a nitrous system, you'll appreciate the superior materials and manufacture of NOS nitrous systems

    Wake the sleeping dragon in your racer with nitrous oxide. Nitrous came into use with automotive racing back in the 1960's, and has been around ever since. It doesn't burn like gasoline. In fact, it would just mix with the open air if left lying around in an open container. What nitrous does is act as an agent for oxygen to enter the engine, and we all know any substance, including gasoline, has to have oxygen to burn. Too much, and your engine burns up entirely, so the nitrous has to balance this oxygenation with just the right amount of added fuel as well. NOS pioneered the development of a safe effective delivery system for nitrous back in the 1970's. They are still producing systems today. Today's systems give the feel of a huge turbocharger, but without the lag. Even small systems can pack enough of a wallop to pin you against the seat with consistent force throughout the run. In fact, anything with a gas motor can run nitrous, although it is clearly not appropriate for all applications. One word of caution, the use of a wide-open throttle switch for activation with most nitrous systems can make low-rev, off-the-line traction difficult. When you compare the addition of a nitrous system with a turbo, the nitrous system is hands down the most cost-effective application. To add a huge kick to your engine's performance and get the best bang (excuse the pun) for your buck, try a safe, effective nitrous oxide system from NOS.

    The past few years have seen nitrous systems become much more popular among the sport compact set. NOS, the pioneer in nitrous oxide system for almost 30 years, has nitrous kits for any track racer. The kits easily bolt onto the engine with little modifications of other types. The typical four-cylinder application will give a shot of as high as 75 horses. You can look for up to 100 hp on a six cylinder, and up to 150hp on an eight cylinder. More hardcore racers can squeeze out even more, but be forewarned, bigger applications require more modifications. The kits are available in both wet and dry systems. The Stage I system is the basic dry system that injects nitrous into the intake tract while the extra is delivered by the EFI system. Most of NOS' dry systems produce from 40 to 60 hp in several different applications. NOS recommends wet type kits in the case of most turbocharged or super turbocharged applications. This recommendation is due mainly to the increased air velocity and extra heat from the forced induction. The Stage II package includes a special high performance pump to supply the required additional fuel. If you change your mind, NOS has a conversion kit allowing users to convert their existing "Dry" kit to hard hitting "Wet" nitrous. For your sport compact racing vehicle, try out a nitrogen oxide kit from NOS, buckle your seatbelt, and hold on!

    Look to Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) when you want fast to mean, Have we broken the sound barrier yet?!? With a Nitrous Oxide System, you can give your sport compact that extra kick on the racetrack, or even in the mud. It doesn't have to break the bank, because a Nitrous Oxide System gives you the best bang for your buck. When compared to the cost of the carburetion, manifold, valve train or turbo charging modifications it takes to get that extra horsepower, a Nitrous Oxide System is truly a cost-effective solution. Even better, a Nitrous Oxide System, in addition to other enhancements only makes those other performance parts increase their performance. With over 20 years in the industry, NOS has carefully developed reliable, safe, extremely effective nitrous oxide kits in both wet and dry systems for 40 60 horsepower applications of all types. Dry injection technology makes up many of these (intended for fuel-injection systems at wide-open throttle,) but NOS recommends wet type kits for the majority of turbocharged and supercharged applications. Because of nitrous oxide's nature, there is variance in the increase in horsepower in different sized engines. More inefficient designs show a larger NOS-related horsepower increase. Regardless, the addition of a Nitrous Oxide System to your vehicle adds a boost of power, not to mention fun! Increase your sports compact's performance, have some fun, and stretch your funds by adding a safe, reliable Nitrous Oxide System.