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A single scratch on an otherwise smooth and clear surface is rather distracting to the eyes. Think of your gadgets, like your phone and laptop. You tend to be OC when the stuff's brand new, putting the phone inside a case, or slipping the laptop inside a protective sleeve after using it. But over a period of time, scratch marks will begin to destroy the once smooth surface of your laptop and phone. And when that happens, the gadgets will never look the same again. The acrylic plastic found in most of your car's accessories and parts may also accumulate scratch marks. But Novus can remedy these unsightly blotches with a few simple swipes of their premiere car care products.

Back in the 1970's, car owners don't usually use car care products on their vehicles. Waxes and stain removers aren't popular yet, but when Novus introduced their line of plastic polishes, people started to give more attention to the condition of their car's accessories. Maintenance products for the interior and exterior parts began selling like hotcakes, among them the Novus scratch remover. A bottle of this solution can help clear away the scratch marks on the acrylic surfaces of your car, just like how acne solutions make pimples disappear on a person's face.

Plastic products weren't as widely used back then. Only when Novus pioneered the use of plastic polishes did the plastic industry boom significantly. Suddenly, people are keen on using cleaning agents and solutions for the plastic accessories in their cars. The interest on plastic care grew and today, the brand is regarded as the professional and expert choice when it comes to removing stains and scratch marks on plastic surfaces. The company produces two kinds of scratch removers-one for fine scratches, and another for heavy scratches. Haziness and abrasions can be eliminated with the use of the fine scratch remover, but when the marks are too severe, you may opt to use the heavy scratch remover instead, although this one's not recommended for coated plastics. Other Novus products include plastic clean and shine, premium polish mates, and plastic buffing kit.