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A single ring can seal a marriage or an engagement vow. But do you know that rings can also seal something else other than wedded bliss? Your car has a series of rings fitted inside some parts of the engine in order to contain and seal oil inside the components. These rings are not like those worn on people's fingers. Automotive rings are slightly larger, depending on the part they intend to seal. Instead of silver bands with 24-karat gold on the sides, rings inside your engine are made from tough steel or rubber that can endure the highest temperature and pressure. Some rings even look like arm bangles, like piston rings. When the subject of pistons and rings come up, most car owners never fail to recognize the brand NPR, or Nippon Piston Ring Co. Ltd.

The company produces the most reliable set of rings for your piston assembly. Nippon Piston Ring is a Japanese auto parts manufacturer that has been in the business for over 30 years now and their piston rings are continuously being used globally in most engines. This Japanese brand broke the boundaries and the international market by being the leading manufacturer for piston rings, and the company even has a European subsidiary-NPR of Europe GmbH. Most car enthusiasts want the brand's set of piston rings because of its high quality, and that's why it's fortunate that most automotive distributors carry Nippon Piston Ring's product line. It doesn't matter if the rings were made in Japan. What matters is that the rest of the world will get their fill of the top caliber NPR piston set.

What makes piston rings so important anyway? What's the fuss about? Well, without the split metal rings, oil and compressed gases from the combustion chamber will start to leak. This leakage won't produce a very nice effect to your engine in general because the efficiency of fuel combustion will be greatly reduced. The pistons also bring with them extreme force and pressure that without the piston rings, contents of the combustion chamber might get out and affect other metal parts of your car. That's why the piston rings provide a gas-tight seal around the pistons to prevent disastrous leakage.