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When you're under inside a room and there's a raging heat wave outside, you turn on all cooling appliances to decrease the scorching temperature inside the room. It sometimes gets too hot that you don't know what else to do except to turn on the wall fan, standing fan, ceiling fan, and air conditioner all at the same time. And when that's not enough, you even use a fan to cool yourself more. Imagine the heat constantly generated by your engine. The metal parts inside it definitely won't survive if it doesn't use several cooling devices at the same time, like the fan clutch and water pump. But to better beat the heat, you must equip your car with NPW cooling components.

Even if you use all the A/C systems and electric fans in the world, it's still no use if the brand's not reliable. Same goes for your car. The heat can only be dispersed much quicker when you install cooling devices from the most trusted brands, like NPW. So for cooler bursts inside the engine, an NPW fan clutch is highly recommended. This fan is placed alongside the radiator and has four or more blades that spin in constant motion when the engine is lacking air. Just like switches on a regular electric fan, the fan inside your engine needs to be properly turned off and on as well. Engaging and disengaging this device is the job of the fan clutch. If you're not using a reliable fan clutch, chances are one or more of the fan blades might crack or bend in the long run. And this poses a threat to your engine.

Enter the other cooling device your engine uses-a water pump. And you definitely have to use a reliable one for this, like the NPW water pump kit, because it requires the device to circulate coolant around the engine parts in order to bring the temperature down. When the water pump gets damaged, your engine will overheat and cause your car to stall. To secure this device, an NPW water pump gasket will get the job done for you.