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It is healthy to practice a well-balanced life. Too much work and no play will drain you, and vice versa. One must strive to strike a healthy balance between the two in order to enjoy a more fulfilled life. Balance must also be observed when it comes to your engine as well. In the fuel combustion process, the air/fuel ratio must always be proportional. Any imbalance will produce undesirable effects to your car. To determine whether this ratio is kept equal, NTK developed a full line of oxygen sensors that will cater to every vehicle make and model.

Regarded as the 'go to' company when it comes to oxygen sensors, the brand has an established market base worldwide and has forged strong connections with different automotive distributors around the world, especially in the United States. Each NTK oxygen sensor will fit into the engine seamlessly, like a missing Lego part. Indeed, your car is missing a lot if you're not using the brand's sensors. You'll get two-in-one when using oxygen sensors-a stabilized fuel system and an improved ignition mechanism. NTK knows the importance of a balanced air/fuel ratio, so the company ensures each sensor they produce exceeds the standards previously set by other companies.

The trailblazing process followed by the brand makes their products one step ahead of the competitors', especially since the oxygen sensors NTK supplies are fitted with OEM connectors and equipped with a sensing element developed using technical ceramics. With this technology, the sensors can determine rich and lean mixtures more effectively, preventing the possibility of increased fuel consumption. Since the catalytic converter is sandwiched between two oxygen sensors, the amount of oxygen circulating inside the exhaust system is well-monitored. But the catalytic converter's position makes it highly susceptible to damage in case the oxygen sensor fails. Damage of adjacent auto parts spreads like a contagious disease and must therefore be nipped in the bud immediately.