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As one of the most advanced countries in the world today, Japan is highly regarded as a leading force in the automotive industry. From being labeled as a country which manufactures cheap products, Japan has risen to become a magnate when it comes to cars. Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi... all these world class brands represent Japan's highly advanced technology. The country boasts some of the best automotive parts manufacturers and suppliers as well, like NTN, or New Technology Network, one of the premiere makers of bearings that are being supplied daily to different continents.

Because of the products' high quality, the Asian brand crossed international borders and gained a reputable number of automotive retailers that are eager to carry NTN's bearings. A 'reputable number' is actually an understatement since almost all online auto parts shop in the United States are offering this brand's products. What sets NTN apart, you ask? It has been in existence since 1918, so that's basically more than ninety years of experience in creating auto parts. Engineering and developing bearings for almost a decade now, it's obviously an unshakeable fact that the company's products can be trusted and that means your car is in good hands when you install it with NTN's bearings.

Just imagine holding the NTN wheel bearing in your hands and think-around 18,000 employees worked together in order to deliver this to you. That's why it's no wonder that the company has hit 452.7 billion yen in 2009-and the money just comes pouring in, especially since the brand doesn't only sell bearings, but other auto parts as well, like the NTN timing belt tensioner or constant velocity joints. When using bearings on your vehicle, make sure you are fully aware of the list of problems you might encounter. Bearings are actually just simple pieces in an engine and most of the time, it is used to minimize friction between metal parts, like the NTN release bearing which diminishes any kind of friction between the release fork and presser plate levers.